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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Random bits that we could probably all live without knowing.

I thought it about time I did a bitty post, where nothing flows or means anything but empties my head of all those things that are just in there, getting in the way.
Like does anyone else think that there is a 'T' missing in this word..... 'exponentially' ? I simply cannot read that word (and bloggers use it endlessly because I think they think it makes them look clever, actually it makes you look like you can't spell.) Try saying it out loud...
expo-nen-tially...where's the T? Expo..ten...tially much better! Saying it with that 'N' makes me feel like an idiot, like I have a bunged up nose. Stupid word.

I have been watching the 'biggest loser' which is both awe inspiring and also.....WTH? TORTURE...that's what it is and tell me, do we ever get catch ups on these amazing people who have achieved this goal? How many, do you think keep up that level of intense living? They can't, can they? Not if they are living real lives as well, surely. Is that fun? Really? I know being thin and gorgeous and fit must be incredible but is it worth all that?
I am really into my new life now, good food and healthy living but I just can't picture that level of commitment because at some stage it has to drop off some and then does the weight start creeping back on again? Would you then become so despondent that you give it all up, I just don't know ( and hey, why worry, it's not like I am ever going to find out for myself is it? Can you picture me doing any of that sweating business for hours a day? No, me neither.)

I love jigsaw puzzles, actually I just love puzzles, word search, crosswords, jigsaws. I go to school an hour early every day and I sit peacefully outside and I do puzzles, I do. I love it. I enter competitions too.
I don't do jigsaws often because I am a monster and when people ( you know like KIDS) want in, I find myself snarling and snapping because it is MY puzzle....GRRRRRRRR hands off you whippersnappers! Not a good thing for a mother to do, so I avoid doing them until I have learned to share and be nice. I share with Isaac because he would happily sit next to me, without talking and just put pieces in, help and enjoy...anyone else? No chance...they are all " what about THIS ONE? Where does THIS ONE GO? THIS one then?? MUM!!!!! THIS ONE!" well how relaxing is that I ask you?

Sophie and I had a 'set to' last night and she behaved much better than I did.
Yes, I thought that too. Can't think of a thing else to say on that one.

There is a commercial over here for Tena lady pants, incontinence pads, that is hysterical and I wish it were on you tube because it might have been secretly filmed in Boston, with the group of us laughing and crouching down to not pee......oh the memories, to do that again!

I am on a quest, a new and exciting low fat delicious recipe every day, to keep me excited and on the way to healthy fitness. Tonight we are having pork tenderloin cooked with cranberries, ginger and apples.....roasted veggies, it's so great to be excited about eating again, instead of guilt laden and ashamed. I have discovered that I can fool myself by doing one day at a time, one 'thing' at a time, if I crave something sweet I can eat 5 liquorice allsorts and tell myself that I will have some more later ( rather than 'that's it!' no more! FORBIDDEN!) of course, if I want more later I just tell myself maybe a bit later and tada! No miserable feelings of denial and deprivation.
Every morning I tell myself that I will do well today, rather than look at how long this is going to take, if I look a whole year away and see that the chances are I will still be working towards a goal, I could get overwhelmed. Every day I live this way is easier than the one before, hopefully, in a year I won't even be thinking about it, it will just be how it is, how I live. Marvellous!

In case I have given the impression that H is a saint in all things, he is human.
He is incredibly stingy with the heating, it's his thing. He is one of the 'put a sweater on ilk.'
Cold? COLD? you don't know the meaning of the word, why when I was a lad ( living in which point I switch off because, I ask you...what does he know?)
It's definitely a quirk because ask me if he ever switches a light off? No, he doesn't. He will go out and leave the TV, the fan and all lights on. He closes the curtains in the day ( grrrrrr!) and then turns a light on because, what do you's dark! So why he feels the need to fight every urge to be WARM is beyond me. I turn it on , he turns it off as soon as we all begin to thaw out, which WASTES gas, if he'd leave it to stay warm the thermstat would do it's job, we'd be pleasantly warm and all would be well, oh no, OFF it goes til it gets so bloody miserable I get tough and turn it on whilst daring him with a 'just say a word' glare and the whole house needs warming up from the very beginning again.
I think having lived in LA is the culprit, he doesn't get anything about being cold ( except he really FEELS the cold ....wouldn't you think he would like to be toasty and warm?) This thing of his is one that could well end messily because it is driving me stark staring mad. I am known to be thrifty and love nothing more than a money saving deal but I will not be cold, I will by all means compromise on many things, go without, do with less but I HATE being COLD!

It has taken me ALL day to write this blog entry, good grief! All that effort and time to say so little. I think I am going through a phase of just not having it in me to write anything deep and meaningful, it's all such a chore. Maybe I need a bloggers break to allow some good stuff to accumulate and come back when I actually have something to say. I doubt I will because I always like to come here and whitter on for a while, as if I am doing something important.
I need some new things to read, I have found myself a little bored with the internet lately, who ever thought that would happen?
Any suggestions? Thankyou! Where do you go to get a laugh, inspired, educated? Share your favourite blogs with me..please?



Blogger Jenn said...

I love your blog.
and Julies.
and mine when I get the gumption to up and write.
Been better about it lately - you and Julie put me to shame with your daily blogging - I always check you guys a few times a day in case you get a burst of inspiration and do two in a day. You know, posting expoTentially.

12:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog too.
I am not a puzzle person but I get stressed with the Wii when I am playing tennis and someone isn't playing their best...I mean I am a I MUST keep it in the professional numbers. I MUST!

Love you.

12:48 pm  
Blogger Karen said...

Hiya Helen, long time no hear. I just love reading your blog! You have such a knack for it. Anyway, hope all is well, maybe we'll see you at Stake Conference next week.


6:25 pm  
Anonymous gemma said...

im really bored with the internet at the moment and cant be bothered to anything to do with it! maybe its something to do with the weather?!!

4:43 pm  

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