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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's all done.

The boys' room is finished and we love it. I bought some material with 4 x4 vehicles on it and altered their cowboy comforters and I framed one panel of the material, it looks pretty splendid though I say so myself! I have to make some curtains but I am waiting until I find just the right material for them.

The total cost of the whole room, including the 'new' dresser was £96. I so wish I had taken 'before' pictures because the difference is astounding but I was so ashamed of how dreadful it was!
Seth's room is the next one and I am just as daunted by that prospect because his room is filled with creatures and aquariums, vivariums and his treasures. He is a hoarder and hates to give anything away, he likes his things where he likes them, which means it is sort of tidy in a Seth like way but it will take a lot of organising to get it looking great.
I like having plans, hate not having the means to do exactly what I would like, although I will admit that the satisfaction of having spent so little and changing it so much is enormous.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks great! You are very talented and creative. I'm looking foward to seeing what you do with Seth's room.


11:43 pm  

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