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Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh and....

You should probably know that after yesterdays post, mum is thrilled that 748 people in 15 different countries ( Hello all!) now know that she is a hard of hearing, child beating spendthrift who farts while looking like she has been let out of an institution in photographs.
I am sure I made her mothers day. I think she probably farted when she laughed as she read it, but she didn't pee, which when you are nearly 70 is pretty remarkable.
( I tried SEVEN times to add that to the post below and it just WOULD NOT POST! Mother's disgruntled post script obviously warranted it's own post.



Blogger LosingSanity said...

Ah, yes indeed...Happy Mother's Day Mum, I plastered all of your embarrassing moments on the net! LOL. It wasn't like that all ;)! Definitely deserved its own post, though, just for clarification that mum was so thrilled!

2:33 am  

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