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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't know where they get it from.

Tomorrow, Jordan, Mel and Joshua are going to Turkey they are headed off to visit Nana Turkey who lives there, you know in Turkey which is what she is called Nana Turkey ( or Turkey Nana or...if you are Sophie, that woman with a turkey neck, because she is neither overly keen on Turkey Nana or tactful)

On tuesday Dan is flying to Poland, to visit a friend that he loves and misses, who lives in Poland but used to live and work where Dan lives and works.

How did my kids get to be so keen on travel? They love it and I am sure they don't get it from me. I love being with people I love, I love to see people and experience their lives and see where they live but I really, really hate travelling. Whenever I see or hear people talk about how if they win the lottery they would travel and see the world I don't get it, I think to myself how I would pay for everyone to come and see me in my new house RIGHT HERE!

I am thrilled to love where I am so much. It is a blessing to want to be right where I am, I have experienced living in places that make me sad, Germany and America are both great places, so much going for them, many advantages to being there...and I was miserable in both countries, to the point where now, now I am home and feeling somewhat ashamed that I perhaps didn't take full advantage of the wonderful things those countries offered, while I lived there. ( I was so overwhelmed by the 'what am I doing here, what if I DIE here, will I be an old lady here and OH NO what if my children forget I am English and they just say things like ' Oh grandma used to live in England once' and don't understand that I am ENGLISH and I love ENGLAND and I belong HERE.

As for Germany, I just hated it and was young and homesick and 2 years seemed such an eternity and I wanted to GO HOME. I do regret that because I could have made so much more of that time. I was married to the first one who was no help and certainly didn't do anything to make the time more interesting and I was also pregnant, excuses excuse I know. Germany is very clean, what more can I say about having lived there, I had a neighbour called Rita Anita, who was very blond and very loud and told everyone she was called Rita Anita ( or was it Anita Rita?!?)

I am making up for being a snot about America, I did love so much about being there ( the weather for a start, oh I never complained about Californian weather, I love it. ) I love eating out there, shopping, I adore the hodge podge of people in California, anything goes I never got tired of looking at the people and listening to them. Utah was not for me, oh my goodness I am way to hard faced to listen to all that 'darling' and 'how ARE you dear?' I have to admit that it all seemed so insincere to me and I found myself actually TELLING people how I was..that stopped them in their tracks I can tell you. Also, cold, so COLD in the winter, nope Utah was so not for me.

Anyway I am making up for being a snot because now I go back ( even though I hate flying) and I am happy to be there and have fun and behave with gratitude because I know I am coming home, where I belong and where I sigh and relax and say 'That's better'.

I think America forgives me for not liking it a whole lot when I thought I would never be able to leave.

Dan travels a lot, to places that just wouldn't even enter my mind to go to, like Greenland and where was that place he went to last time....somewhere all cold and without good shops...where DOES he get THAT from? Oh he went to lapland once and I don't think he even went to see Santa.

I don't think there can be too much in Poland if I'm honest, if it was that great they would stay there and I think that most Polish people are here, in my actual town. Every supermarket now sells Polish food so many poles live here......that's all I shall say on the matter, except trust my son to really like the one and only Polish person that is still actually in Poland. If I say anything else it may look as though I am politically inclined which is ridiculous.

I suppose they could get it from the first one, who travels he has a stupid amount of foreign holidays each year....which could annoy me if I let it, seeing as we had our honeymoon in BIRMINGHAM at his parents house, looking after their smelly dog while they had a holiday. Bitter? Me? Why of course.

I love that my kids are adventurous and do things that I have been afraid to do.

HEY! You know what, I just thought, I may have been afraid but when I think of it, I have never NOT done something because I was afraid, I mean look, I up sticks and moved to America with 3 kids and a suitcase each, how scary was that? I did it. I a'int no scaredy cat!

I am beginning to see the little boys showing who they will be as they grow older, I think Seth will head back to the US if he has the chance, he is so sweet right now, he's going through a great phase, funny and beginning to listen and think a bit more, less ready to fight about everything ( and oh what a joy that is to me!) he is very, very funny and quick witted and totally unshy in every way. I love his little face, squiffy eye, such green eyes, tiny face and curly hair. Like a pixie. I look forward to seeing how he grows and what he will become. I don't doubt that he will achieve whatever he sets out to be because it doesn't occur to him that it will be any other way.




Being a mum is amazing, every day different and none ever dull ( monotonous, yes, dull, no.) I think I'll keep this job.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

America called and said it does indeed forgive you ;)

I know those feelings. I should not have let my stomach rule me whilst in England. I missed on going to so many other areas of England and to other countries and that is such a shame. Live and learn right? Hopefully someday I can come back to England! There are so amazing people there I hear!

Hope that Jordan and his family have a GREAT time in Turkey even with Nana Turkey!

2:19 am  
Blogger Stetch said...

lol your son looks so cross in those top pics.

Helen I TOTALLY understand how you feel. I'm sure I'd feel the SAME way if I were in your shoes in a new country, far from family, thinking I might never leave! And it's not like things were all happy go lucky the whole time--you had to put up with living with CERTAIN people lol.

2:53 am  

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