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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prickly round garden things.

Oh I want some sunshine.
The winter isn't too bad, we don't have snow ( apart from a 7 minute blast the other day which was enough for me. ) We're having some rain, on and off. I know people are having it tougher than we are here in lovely Devon but Oh my, I am so tired of the dingy greyness of it all. The dark mornings, the dreary afternoons, the dim evenings.
H and I went out for lunch ( I know! Imagine! ) last week Jordan, Mel and I stumbled upon a great place that is as close to an American eatery as we can hope to find here, beautiful food, incredibly low prices and all you can eat salad and breads with your meal ( and £4.99? Come on, that's incredible!) the drinks are £1.25 too, I knew that I could get H to try this and so I took pictures and brought home a mini menu so he could SEE I wasn't making it all up. H doesn't eat out here unless he is forced to, he can't help but work out how much the meal is costing in $s and then he can't help but compare the quality and quantity to the places he is used to and lets face it, England is never going to come out top in that competition, so he bows out and says he will be happy to stay home.
He loved it, he was as enthusiastic as we were last week. Hoorah.
So we ate and then joy of joys the sun came out, just a feeble little ray fighting it's way through the grey clouds. Oh I felt my spirits soaring, just at the little glimpse of brightness.
We decided we would walk along the river and here is where I remember that H and I are similar in some things because neither of us will ever be one of those people who pull on their sturdy boots and go hiking over the moors in a blasting gale to blow away cobwebs! We like cobwebs as long as they were spun while we sat in a cosy corner waiting for summer. H and I would be more than happy hibernating, we could easily sit in a warm corner, not speaking or moving until the sun shines.
I sometimes feel a tinge of guilt for dragging my husband away from his sunny Californian roots. Then I remember what an almighty miserable struggle it was to survive never mind get ahead in California, sunshine or not ( although I will readily admit that struggling while the sun shines is infinitely more enjoyable than slogging away in the drab of an English winter)
I look at how well we are doing here and I know that we did what was right for our family.
So we walked and we linked arms and we both tried to really enjoy this natural and uplifting, binding experience. I lost..or did I win? Anyway I cracked first " That's enough, let's go back....did we do it yet?"
Oh I felt the joy and relief course through him soul..."YES! Yes we did it, we're done, it's cold, let's go!"
"Did you want to go to...."
"No, no I don't, home, let's go home, no, no thankyou, we're very done!"
That's my man.
Is it a good or a bad thing that I can see, really clearly how we will be when we are old. In fact I think the only difference will be that we won't have kids here and then heaven help us both, we might just find our bones fuse and our bums take root in a chair in a corner somewhere. I'm not sure we will ever move if we don't have to! Unless the sun is shining.
I will sit and chunter on to myself about the good old days and he will nod, or not.
Every now and then we will look at each other and laugh because we do that a lot. I laugh at him all the time, I mean with him and at him and sometimes for him when he doesn't get one of my jokes. I found it hysterical today when he couldn't remember what a hedgehog was called, and then I laughed at myself because I knew exactly what he meant without saying the word hedgehog, we'll be a couple of old biddies sitting opposite each other laughing at what no-one else understands. Prickly round garden things. You know, those.



Blogger justLacey said...

I was bitten by a hedgehog once.

10:50 am  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

Finishing each other's thoughts is the "good stuff". Being in sync with each other makes life much easier to navigate. I know this because I have the same thing with Chris.

However, unlike you and H, Chris and I differ in staying home. It drives him stir crazy and I prefer it. Of course, I would love to travel all over the world and he would rather not leave CT. Go figure. ;)

4:52 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

Who would of thunk that you and H controlled the sunshine! You go out and eat and the sun comes out! If England was aware of this new found phenomenon, they would all be buying you 3 square meals a day!!

Love you!

6:42 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Robin Day's got a hedgehog named Frank....

Just had to throw that in for good measure. Round prickly garden things - bwahaahhahahahah. Love it.
Am hoping that we all get a little sunshine this week.

3:28 am  

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