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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well, I'll go the foot of our stairs!

He did it, H. Bought me a present I mean.
He has bought me gifts before, I had a spoon rest on our first Christmas, along with some saucepans of course, because a spoon rest on it's own would ne a pitiful gift, wouldn't it? The second year I had silver wear, a knife, fork and spoon, which to most souls would seem a bizarre idea for a gift for your loved one, except H has his own silverwear, he loves it, it is very special to him and he will never ever use any other at home, he used to take it out with him but he almost lost it once and phew, that was a close one, now they stay at home where they will be safe. H thinks everyone ought to have their own cutlery and they must always be of the highest standard, a certain weight, he is exacting in his requirements for cutlery. So buying me my own was indeed a declaration of his love, I wish he hadn't written ' to Mom' on it because I am not his mom and balk at the idea of ever being in a relationship where I am forever called 'mother' I rather like my name and prefer my husband use it, however that was a touching gift that was somewhat wasted on me because I lost them anyway ( Yikes!)
I was given a kneeling stool once, for gardening, which baffled me, along with a pair of gardening gloves and a hat....I forget what my reaction was, other than the puzzled look and a whispered "wha?" we forget about that effort apart from when I want to laugh at him, then I drag it out and say " HA! Remember THAT? As if!"
When I was heavily pregnant with Isaac, I sat on the toilet and looking around me saw a jar of anti wrinkle cream looking back at me from atop the shower unit, a surpise gift! Yes, moving on.
So, although he often, throughout the years will give me sweet little gifts, like a new umbrella last week when the rains began, when it comes to those days where he is expected to give a good gift, he doesn't usually do well, I got a great camera for Christmas last year, loved that, still love it actually.
So,yesterday dawned, our 10th anniversary and I was on edge because I feel sort of fragile ( how precious) and stomped upon lately, as the day went on I was pretty sure that the day was about to slip past without a mention, until at tea time he said he had to go out and off he went, with Isaac and Seth, returning about an hour later with flowers ( there's TEN of 'em) and Isaac with a big grin and a jewellery bag, from a jewellers! Isaac handed me the bag and said "that's for YOU" he then told me how much it was followed by " Whoops, dad said not to tell you that but it actually WAS that much!" then he told me how many diamonds it had and a ruby and...oh it is a beautiful choker. The cost is irrelevant, the fact that he bought me a completely impractical gift, for no other reason than he knew I would love it and then I discovered that in true H style he researched online and learned that Ruby is my birth stone and so he went in search of something with that in...well, I shall love that necklace for ever.
Also, now I know he can do's hoping I don't have to wait another 10 years til the next shiny present!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! Happy anniversary. I think surprise gifts are often the best ones. I am shocked by H, but loved the story of gifts past. I once got a tennis racket for Christmas from a boyfriend which I never understood because I am the least athletic person that ever lived AND I told him I didn't want one when he asked prior to the day. I gave it back and told him here you enjoy it which was probably not the most gracious reaction.

10:40 am  
Anonymous Sara said...

I am so glad that my beautiful friend was given a beautiful gift. :O)

2:15 am  
Blogger BubsyG said...

Oh Helen...As usual I am reading your note, nodding in agreement as my husband is equally as "gift giving challenged" as H. He has been on occasion known tomutter things like "I know you don't like this stone but...." or "well I was going to get you ____ BUT..." I have gotten a satelite, a computer chair, luggage...yes you may say all great gifts, but gifts for US not for me....

HOOORAY for your beautiful choker!!
I shall hold out hope!!

6:42 pm  
Blogger Ms. Sarah said...

enjoy it. You absolutly deserve it

12:01 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

How sweet! :) You lucky girl!

4:56 pm  

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