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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Because I have been given much...

I had a friend once, who was 50 years my senior, she had had the most terrible childhood, the stuff of real nightmares and yet she was the kindest, funniest most glorious soul, I miss her since she passed away and think of her often, she had a saying, that she lived by and that was 'cast your bread upon the waters and they come back buttered'. She swore that if you share what you have, no matter how little that may be, it will always return to you, twofold, even more.
I knew her from when I was the littlest girl and she, along with my mum always taught me that you never think about whether you CAN help someone, you believe that there is no way you CAN'T help. Everyone is able to help someone else, I know that and I am so grateful that I am often able to do small things that make someone else feel glad to be alive.
I just want to say that always, throughout my life I have been blessed, whatever I may have done for others, Auntie Margaret's saying comes back to bread comes back buttered.
I have such wonderful friends who always seem to know what I need. I am so grateful and humbled by them. This week they out did themselves and I have swung from being so touched and mortalaciously embarrassed, the embarrassment was fleeting because I know why they did what they did, because they love me, I am more warmed and thankful than I am anything else.
I sometimes think I ought to stop putting it all out here for the world to see because they don't let anything slip by unnoticed!
So this is nothing more than a thank you, a public notice and declaration that I love my friends and that I want them to know that I am paying it forward, in any way I am able to do.
Thank you., from me and mine.

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Blogger Gretchen said...

I don't know what happened but I do know how incredibly special you are and how much you deserve little happy surprises :)

10:55 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Me too Helen. :) What wonderful people we have met online.

I really don't know what I ever did to deserve such kindness. I will pay it forward somehow, even if it is only to buy some food for a shelter here.

Feeling the love myself this holiday season.

2:12 am  
Blogger Cathy said...

that Auntie Margaret was a smart women. You give so much to your friends that they trip over each other to give back.

I love you, my friend...

2:48 am  
Blogger justLacey said...

As much love as you feel you have gotten, you have given it tenfold. I can attest to that. We are lucky to have you.

11:28 am  
Anonymous Sara said...

I am so happy that you are happy and that your love and kindness are things that you get in return. Love you so!

1:18 pm  
Blogger Colleen said...

Love you, Helen!

12:15 am  

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