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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas.

T'was the night before Christmas and all through this house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a ......
Oh right, shall we not? Shall we not say that word
The one that begins with an M's absurd

Just how much that one word can quite fill me with dread
And make me break down and start clutching my head
In that hair tearing way that a woman perfects
With the screaming and yelling while H interjects

'They've all gone' he will say and he'll clutch at my arm
And he'll try to convince me they meant us no harm.
I will shudder and shake and I'll try not to think
About how awful those things were they made my house stink.

So, that nightmare behind us, we are all filled with glee
As we wait and imagine all the gifts we shall see
When we come down the stairs at the break of the day
And see what dear Santa did bring on his sleigh.

Seth has been very clear in his wants and has said
That he'd quite like a skateboard to be left on his bed.
Elijah is always quite easy to please
And Isaac, well he just wants all that he sees.

We are ready as ever we ever can be
With a ham ready roasted and a nice Christmas tree,
We have turkey to cook and some presents to wrap
But we do not have figs 'cause we think they are.....horrible.
Grandpa is here all the way from L.A
Daniel's here also, so we're set for the day
We are 'cited and happy and climbing the wall
And just waiting to see what time Santa will call.

Mum is quite tempted to break out some meds
That might help these young gitlets to stay in their beds,
Is that naughty? She wonders, will it make her feel bad
To induce some deep slumber in such sweet little lads?

'Bless their hearts' you might say, let them stay up and wait
For the sound of the fat man as his feet hit the grate.
The thing with that plan, may I humbly explain
Is that truly, I can see that for me, it means pain.

H, in his wisdom, sticks quite firmly to plan
And he goes up to bed just as soon as he can.
While I sit here and wait and then wait a bit more
For the glorious sound of a little kid's snore.

Would you look, it's now bedtime! Not a peep from their beds
I can hardly believe it, three cute sleepy heads
Now it's time for the good stuff, the magical time
So I ought to get on now and finish this rhyme

Before I do sign off and say my farewells
While I wait for the ringing of Santa Claus' bells
May I say how I hope that your Christmas is fine
That you know you are much loved by both me and by mine.

I am conscious that many won't have so much joy
At this time when we think of the birth of that boy
As I look all around me and see just how blessed
My world is, I am sure that my life is the best!

Merry christmas to you and to yours some good will
To your home, right from ours, at the top of the hill.
I am praying your Christmas is one filled with cheer
And may I wish you a Glorious, Happy new year.

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Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

oh it's perfect! Happy Christmas Helen!

4:19 am  
Blogger TN said...

Very Nice!!! How do you do that? You should write poetry more often!

11:28 am  
Blogger Tara said...

That was awesome!!! You have a real talent!

1:43 pm  

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