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Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010, goodness me, here we are then. 4 days in and I have yet to start my resolutions, in fact I haven't quite worked them out yet, some half thought through ideas that seem splendid and that's as far as I got.
Grandpa went home, H took Isaac and Eli with him, they stayed overnight in London and came back the next day. Eli got lost, in London, TWICE. I had terrible panics about him going because he is so away with the fairies, bless his ditzy little heart, how we adore him, even as he gets older he remains as hopeless as ever, only this week he said " Hmm, this could be embarrassing, I forgot to put on underwear, I tell you what, I am just not going to worry about it" That's him through and through.
H, in his wisdom, was prepared, as much as he can be, with not having my mind of course, to him the solution would be to write his and my cell phone numbers on a piece of card, tape 50 p to the back, laminate it so it doesn't rip and tie one to Issac's jeans and one to Elijah's jeans. Isaac doesn't get lost, he often runs away, when he feels life isn't going his way but he runs home, from wherever he is, leaving us panic stricken and angry but he is fine and know where he is at all times.
Elijah, he gets lost, he wanders, he never hears " just stand still while I ....." and off he goes, tra la la, skipping, probably whilst humming a merry tune.
Which is what he did, once at Heathrow airport and once ( oh my gosh) in Victoria coach station ( scary! OH SO SCARY!!!) both times, H said " stand still while I check the times of plane / bus" and both times, he looked around seconds later to not see Elijah, who had wandered off, found himself quite without parent and both times found a security guard / lady on her own and said "I've lost my dad, can you get him back for me please" and handing over the card , still attached to his belt loop. Genius, worked...and I spend many hours imagining the headlines had he asked some paedophile or child slave seller for help. I also, just for fun, imagined what would have happened if he had got lost in the underground....shut up head.
However, grandpa has gone home, arrived safely and happy to be home, where he can yell at his TV and watch CNN news to his hearts content without daughters in law tutting and sighing and asking where the remote is. Lovely.
We now have 3 bearded dragons, 3 green anoles and a tree frog. A veritable mini reptile zoo. I must admit I am quite taken with these little creatures, though am firm in my determination that we now have enough pets. Plenty, in fact.
I think they are called Spike, Bexi and bullet ( dragons) and Olly, Butch and Bella. The boys keep trying to change their names and we have had all manner of bizarre suggestions, I tell them that if I can change their names to Bob, Jim and Reuben, they can change the pets names, life is confusing enough without having to remember what various lizards are called. Thankyouverymuch.
I am looking forward to this year, no specific reason, just because that seems like a good thing to do.
I want to make more of a difference this year, notice people more, be more aware of ways I can change things for the better. I want to be happier with my lot, which is a rather splendid lot, when all is said and done, there are lovely things to look forward to, family and friends, a home that I enjoy more, plans to make this a place I am proud to share with others.
2010. Let it begin.



Blogger Julie Q said...

Fingers crossed 2010 will good for us all. :)

2:26 am  
Blogger Stetch said...

Too crazy about wandering children. The card was a brilliant idea!

2:55 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

And don't forget that I am coming this year!! Something to look forward to - oh yes!
Brilliant idea with the card - Good for Eli for having the brains to find someone safe to help him. Joey just wanders off and doesn't realize he's lost, and can't ask for help other than a prearranged script to say "I need help" - Ask him his name, he'll say Joey if he's in a good mood. (I asked him just now and he just shook his head and said "I want to watch" ), Ask him how old he is, and he'll giggle.

7:38 pm  

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