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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've had better days....

I'm glum today, all sort of crumpled and weary.
I don't like feeling this way and so have tried to get over it. I'm sure I will get over it but it didn't happen today.
The Ebay auction went well, lots of people watching and taking interest, lots of people read the page and some emailed me.
I showed the car to a few people, answered questions, replied to emails.
The winning bid was for £385.90, which for a broken car is a great price, huge help towards the new car. I opened the email from Ebay giving me details of the winner and immediately felt uneasy. The winner had 0 feedback, oh well, we all have to start somewhere but buying a car as your first ebay experience? Iffy.
Lives hundreds of miles away. Buying a broken car when you live several hours away? Wouldn't that be a stupid move?
I sent an email saying congratulations and asking that she pay within 3 days.
No reply.
No communication at all.
This morning, I called the phone number sent by Ebay. It was a business, the person on the phone had no idea what I was talking about and knew no-one by the name I was given.
I googled the address, it's a fake one, again a business address.
All this means is stress, hassle, time and energy and even money wasted.
I am now supposed to wait 4 days, then I can file a complaint and a non payment action. Then I am supposed to wait another 4 days to see if the winner will respond to the communication from Ebay. After 7 days I can relist the car.
Why? Why would anyone take so much time and effort to make someone else miserable? The only reason for this was to cause me trouble and inconvenience. What makes somebody so bitter, so miserable that they feel this is a way to cheer themselves up? What a pathetic and hopeless life this individual must have.
I am relieved that I have a buyer for the car, I won't believe it until it has been picked up and paid for.
I have tried to not let the whole car dying thing get to me, it is a huge deal. I do not have money enough that I can just shrug my shoulders and buy another one. I have 4 weeks to find £1,800. I believe I can do it and making that money on the old car would help enormously....I am just so sad that someone felt the need to be so spiteful as to make it all harder than it needs to be.
I am trying not to go down the 'why ME' road, I am assuming it is an anonymous person with too much time on their hands, someone who has no friends and little joy. I keep pushing away the thoughts that it could be someone that specifically wanted to hurt ME...I hope there isn't anyone that feels so badly towards me personally that they would go to these lengths to vent their spleen.
I am astounded by how much I rely on a car, I should probably be horrified but I'm not.
Incredible how much more planning has to go into every day living just to do what we need to do.
I really never took too much notice of how many steep hills are involved in getting to the places we avoiding those hills and my legs are screaming with displeasure and discomfort!
As if that wasn't all bad enough, yesterday, dare I say it? We had a RAT in the house, in the front room even, in broad daylight.
I just felt as though that was the perfect end to a revolting day.
I do wish I had seen the performance in the front room with H and Sophie.....she saw it, he got a long stick and was trying both to sweep under the sofa and jump to avoid the rat and scare it out of hiding!
It ran over Sophie's foot ( oh so glad that wasn't ME!)
They then blocked off the hallway, opened the front door and scared it right out of the house!
Today I went and bought these, I hope they work as the reviews say they do because I simply cannot do that whole rat thing again. I can't.
We have no idea how that thing even got in, the holes are blocked, they haven't been opened again, no new holes. I'm not thinking about it anymore. Gah.
So today has been a glum day. Not depressed, just glum.
The rain doesn't help, endless rain, thankfully we had sunshine on Sunday as we walked to church, apart from that it has rained and that does not help with the misery of walking everywhere, not at all.
Tomorrow I shall endeavor to pull myself up by the bootstraps ( is that the saying?) and cheer myself up, carry on and calm down ( should be carry on and keep calm but for me, calm down fits better because you can't keep calm unless you already ARE calm can you?)
Today I wallowed as we all ought to be allowed sometimes. Happy that the day is almost over though.



Blogger Sara said...

You can always wollow to your friends, Helen! xx

1:51 am  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

Bad days come and bad days go, but friends love you nevertheless. Hope today is better!

2:36 pm  

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