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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Patience is a virtue...

Patience is a virtue, find it if you can,
Often in a woman but never in a man.

Or me.

I am not patient, I can be patient, to start with, I am all ' It's fine, all is well, this is fine, lovely...' and then, usually in the last stretch I turn into a toddler with all the stamping and pouting and sighing, plenty of sighing.

I want my car. NOW. THIS WEEK, tomorrow or even yesterday.
This week is one of much to-ing and fro-ing. Isaac has a school play and he says he is in it, he has taken his costume ( which was meant to be a suit, shirt and tie but became dark jeans, white shirt, jacket and I don't want to wear a tie because I am being Jeremy Clarkson and he doesn't wear a tie and Ms C says she is so thrilled that he said he will do it and has actually done the dress rehearsal and even said words and everything that she doesn't care about the tie and ISN'T THIS MARVELLOUS? ) So the play is tuesday lunch time, tuesday evening, wednesday evening. So, home from school, eat and right back to school and then home again. In torrential rain, because YES if we haven't had torrential rain every single day, bar one, since the old car said goodbye and died on us. More rain forecast for the next 48 hours, wouldn't you know it. I suspect the sun'll come out next week, when we have a car and no-one has to go to school. Which in it's own self is glorious because we shall travel and marvel aloud at how spacious our new car is and how shiny, aren't we LUCKY? It would just be lovely if the car was already here, that's all.

Did I say that I sold the old car? I forget, I might have been a bit quiet about it because paranoia set in about the whole malicious bidder thing, WAS IT YOU? Did you read my listing via FB and decide I was far too cocky for my own good and needed bringing down a peg or two ?
Who could possibly hate ME so much ( apart from her and also, her) don't think I haven't made a mental list and put a cross next to your name!

I did the paranoia for about 30 minutes and became so exhausted by it I stopped, life is a bit short isn't it, to carry around hate and misery, some people do it and you only have to look at their pinched faces to see how that is working for them to know it's not a good idea.
So, I sold the car to a family who are so excited about it and they have someone who can mend it and then, well then they will love it as much as I did. Couldn't be better.
I also decided to file a non payment strike against idiot who 'won' the auction on Ebay, purely so that in my mind, on wednesday, it will all be closed and done with, I can move on and put that sorry experience behind me.
So, the whole point of this entry is to say that I WANT MY CAR NOW, in the hopes that I can avoid being a whiney brat in real life.
Just a few more days of walking in the rain. I hope.



Blogger One Tired Momma said...

I want you to have your car. :-( I hope the wait passing quickly.

Many hugs.

1:12 pm  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

And you deserve your car NOW. Doesn't anyone understand that?! I'm pretty sure me stamping my feet makes you look much more polite & refined. ;)
I do hope the car is yours sooner rather than later. Much love to you & yours! xoxo

12:43 am  

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