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Monday, July 17, 2006

Where Am I?

You heard me..where am I? It's really REALLY hot here. Beautiful, bright, hot sunshine, waiting outside Seth's classroom for him to come out today I could feel the sun eating my feet. This is heaven for me except for the lack of air con. The Co-op up the road has it, the teeny little shop that sits amongst a few houses, used for those necessities forgotten at the big stores THAT DON'T HAVE AIR CON! I forgot about the co-op's delicious cool air until I popped in to buy a newspaper this morning. On my way to Jordan's work I bought a paper so I could sit on the squashy leather couch, drink ice cold Orange juice, eat a bacon baguette and read. On my own. Heaven enough but to buy said paper whilst being blown upon by cool air.....nirvana indeed.
Nowhere else has it. It's miserable, stand in line at the bank and either melt or flap a pamphlette in front of your face like a menopausal maniac ready to combust.
Wait to pa for your 73 boxes of ice lollies and a loaf of bread in Tesco and try not to 'ffoooof' some air out of your mouth onto your brow, because a) it doesn't work and b) you're making yourself look unbelievably ridiculous. For nothing.

My babies are like little foreign people. They are foreign people admittedly, Isaacand Seth anyway, Eli is as british as Beef, funny how he is the darkest and the most foreign looking. Most everyone is looking healthy these days, unaccustomed as we are to this level of summer, we do seem to have caught on to the idea of sunscreen. Gone are the days of coconut oil and almost nudity at the very promise of no rain, never mind sunshine. Mothers unite in their smothering of offspring in thick and water resistant white greasy stuff to prevent skin cancer. My children are making the locals look a bit poorly. Today the park was all but empty, a mere 10 or so children trying to have fun but not, just whining and begging for ice cream because it was TOO HOT!!! Blimey.

My plants are very dead. In comparison to last years floral delights, we have only a couple of tired looking pots. Dead looking actually. Brown and crunchy and leaning to the left.

WE have fans pointing at us 24 hours a day, I love fans, even in winter I have mine by my bed, if I can't feel moving air I think I'm not breathing. Lovely cool air, windows open and the smell of summer nights. I love it. Wish I didn't sweat so much. I have given up on the staright hair look for now....the humidity here is ridiculous, straighten hair, stand up, sweat, frizz.......some things have to be admitted, curly hair in this heat is inevitable, quite nice to not bother at the moment.

I find it hard to eat well in this heat. So easy to just eat a sandwich and some crisps, a bag of chips at the beach, ice cream and more ice cream. I'm doing it though...sticking with it. I am proud of myself. I am beginning to believe that this IS it, this time I WILL do it.
Oh OH..I bought a swimsuit. ME...haven't worn it yet but good old ebay, there it was , low legs almost sort f shortie looking and tummy panel, not too much fat back showing either. And its not purple, or pink or flourescent green. WHY???? After my last post about swimwear, I sort of made it my goal to find a good one....every lage suit I have seen has been so garish and so VIVID I have been flumoxxed. WHY??? Do the makers of large lady swimsuits think to themselves...." HA! this'll teach 'em, if she thinks she can be seen in a swimsuit, fat as she is, lets make sure she is SEEN, make it dayglo, make it scream out to be oggled and stared at. SHOW UP THOSE BULGES LYCRA!!!! Come on lady, squeeze your floppy bits into THIS and try and be unnoticed." Sheesh as if life isnt hard enough. Mine is a subtle blue, not navy, not sky..just blue, sort of ink blue. Perfect. Just need to courage to actually put it on and try not to look at myself and see my farmers tan.....I am SO clever, even when I eradicate several worries at once I can still fnd another reason not to wear it.

So, its nearly 1 am, still as hot as hell's kitchen but I am going to try and go to bed and dream of swimming in a cool pool with no audience. more thing, we got the boys school reports this week ( only once a year here, something of an occasion) I love Isaac's tactful....

" recently, Isaac has begun to talk to staff on an irregular basis. I am aware that Isaac is far more able than we are able to ascertain at the present time" 4more days of gentle reception and then he will be in year one, big playground, lunch in the big hall.......what will ife be like for him I wonder. We will see in September. 6 weeks of no school. Watch this space. When they go back in September Eli will go to is passing to fast, what WILL I do with all the peace and quiet, clean this house perhaps?!?!


Blogger LosingSanity said...

Oh it is sooo completely hot here too lately. The advantage is almost all businesses are air conditioned. I couldn't imagine going to a grocery store, bank, etc and having no air conditioning. Those poor people working there must be miserable! Not to mention it has to make for some cranky customers.

Glad you that you have found a swimsuit that you like. And also ways to try to stay cool in the heat.

2:58 am  
Blogger oh evil one said...

Well it's always hot here, but everywhere is air conditioned. Our electricity bill is 286 a month so not so great on that aspect in Miami it was 350 in summer. One thing about Miami, if you go to the beach there are skinny women of model quality in tiny bikini's all over the place. A few years ago I was one of them. Before the last 2 babes. Well, not on the beach here! Oldies and out of shape fatties abound. What a relief. I have several swimsuit, I never wear any of them. I put on shorts this weekend for the first time in a year. You could however easily find a swimsuit here. They are nearly all black. If you are over size 10, baby you need a black swimsuit they think. I hate black. It's like wearing a sign saying "I'm fat and this makes me look thinner". God I hate swimsuits.

12:34 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

The heat wave has hit Canada too. I've even taken to squeezing myself into a piece of lycra and playing "Lifeguard" in the kiddie pool - anything for a bit of relief, although we do have air con (useless in the day when the boys open and shut that door more times than I can count. Good luck to sweet Isaac in year 1 - oh that can't be happening so soon can it? Wasn't he just in nursery not too long ago? And now the little squirt is going!
So proud of you for keeping up with the good eating habits - so hard, especially in the summer when ice cream and hot dogs taunt us all. I'm joining you in the weight loss - you girls have inspired me, and I long to be 40 lbs lighter, so I'm doing it too, although not quite brave enough to blog about it ;)
Perhaps after I've lost the first 10 lbs.....

3:09 pm  
Blogger mom of 2 said...

I love your depictions of the brightly colored swimsuits...hilarious...but oh so true! I remember when I was pregnant I had a lime green and bright blue suit. It was hideous. And it was gathered under my huge belly. I saw a picture of me in it the other day. Needless to say I was mortified!!

Thanks for the laugh!!

3:23 pm  

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