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Friday, November 30, 2007

A happy post, all the way through!

Are you ready for this??? A whole post of good things, happy ones with no whining ( unless one slips out because old habits die hard and all that?
I am happy to announce that things are falling into place,someone is coming in the morning to collect that dear old jallopy that gave up the ghost 2 weeks ago.
We have found an answer to that nightmarish trip on weds.
Our flight leaves at 11am, have to be at the airport by 8am.....only coach to the airport that would get us there on time leaves at midnight! So we were facing a bus trip from midnight 05am, wait 3 hours, wait 3 more hours, 11 hour flight, I was dreading it! So instead we are driving up on tuesday to my uncle's house, stay the night there and just have a 30 minute trip before our flight. Hoorah!

Today, it rained. I mean RAINED, it was plishing it down as they say down Cornwall. I went shopping at 4pm and it was already dark, pouring down, sideways rain and windy. As I ran from the shop to my car, I got soaked and cold, I opened the car door ( and get this, when you unlock one door ALL the doors unlock, t'is like magic, actually just being able to lock the doors is a small miracle!) and there was LIGHT! In all the darkness and rain, there was my car, with it's lights on, welcoming me. The demister works, the heater works and actually CLEARS the window. The wipers swoosh silently across the windscreen clearing rain away with screaming.
Music and interesting chat on the radio. I know all this must sound like I have been in the dark ages automotively speaking and indeed I have. This car is a dream to me. I am beyond grateful to the couple who gave us this car.

Yesterday I went with my friend Jane to Exeter, we walked through the city at night, beautiful lights, street entertainers, looked in the shops that we would never dare go with little boys. I love to walk through towns at night this time of year. We bought a christmas pudding truffle from Thornton's the posh chocolate shop and walked through a store that wanted £34 for a hot water bottle! I saw a beautiful leather bag £349!! I love to walk around those shops and look and stroke the beautiful things.

I have done a little christmas decorating, some pretty things for Sophie when she stays here while we are away. We will be able to enjoy it over the new year too. I have done some glass painting, hopefully I can finish that tomorrow and take some pictures.
Things are almost ready for us to go away. I am more excited than afraid which is a good and surprising thing. I hope that the flights aren't fully booked so we can have some room to spread out. I hope I can sleep and wake up when we get there!!
My medicine is kicking in ( I love these anti-itch meds they make me gloriously relaxed and sleepy at night!) I am off to relax and then go to sleep. 5 more sleeps 'til our holiday! Oh my.



Blogger Julie Q said...

Oh my indeed! :)

5:42 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said... glad things are going well. Sounds like everything is falling into place.

7:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i must sy I am so excited for you. I know what it's like to be driving an old piece of crud and then get something that is wonderful so I can appreciate that. Do you you have heated seats? Just lovew those when it's cold although jav's work better than mine for some reason. I will miss you when you are on vacation, but happy to know that you are having fun and hopefully relaxing.

12:31 pm  

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