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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The milk of human kindness.

My faith in mankind has been restored 10 times over today, we went, my H and I to meet the giver of new cars. We met him in a service station and then followed him to his friends house, where the car has been for a while.
We arrived at a smallish house with cars parked outside and found the epitome of 'old boy' In his 60's, rotund, wearing a grubby cardigan over his pot belly, with the obligatory black mongrel barking it's head off beside him.
" 'ere it is me lover! Lovely car that is.... go and have a look, needs new brakes on the back and a new handbrake cable and it'll get through MOT no worries. I can do that for you, whaddya think? Twenty quid? Look at they tyres, new ones see? They'll see you through miles and miles, £20 a week in petrol and you'll get everywhere you want with that lovey......"
He is, this delicious ( or not, bit grubby to eat, but you get my drift) the milk of human kindness, for £20 he is going to fix the brakes, buy the cable ( I will reimburse him of course) take the car to have it's MOT ( My old mate does 'em for me see? Only over the road a way, don't 'ee worry 'bout nothin' lover, I'll get it all done and then you give me your number, when 'ees all done I shall call you and you come and get 'en see?")
I do see, it will be approximately £100 on the road, 4 new tyres, even the spare is a new tyre. It locks and everything, makes that rather posh sounding DING DING noise when the doors are open, has grand lights in the door that light up when you open them. Marvellous.
It has a radio / tape player, imagine MUSIC whilst driving, extraordinary to me that is.
Oh it is black and when we have washed it and scrubbed it, it will be jolly nice indeed. It does have a few bits and bobs that need doing but for goodness sake, what a blessing!
When we got home, guess what...the old car died. Dead as a door nail, gave a huge cough and gave up the ghost. Unbelievable. The angels are watching us and if this car hadn't come our way we would be very very stuffed.
I can use mum's car this week while we wait for Mr kindness himself to 'fix 'en up and call me' This car costs half to tax, does 3 times the miles per gallon, has 46.000 fewer miles on it's clock. The parts for it are so cheap I am almost gobsmacked, in the most delirious way.
I haven't driven a manual car for years, hopefully it is like riding a bike, I never had trouble before, can't see why it will be a problem now. I am so relieved and grateful.



Blogger LosingSanity said...

What a blessing. It almost seems as if your old car was just holding on for you to get a new one! ;-)How wonderful that the guy is going to get it all fixed up for you! How exciting to have a new ride! And enjoy the music as you do your errands!

12:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was just thinking, maybe you can freecycle your van now. There might be someone handy out there that could make use of it.

10:50 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

I LOVE the music in my car! :) Especially when I am alone and I play whatever I like as loud as I like. I just have to say right now I'm loving the hairspray music. :)

I haven't driven a manual car in years either. I often wonder how it would be to drive one again. However, where we live, it would make it harder to drive.

Enjoy it! Can't wait to see pictures of it!! :)

2:16 pm  
Blogger noname said...

Wow! Such wonderful blessings, can see why it's restored your faith in human kindness. :)

5:25 pm  

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