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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The littlest big boy.

He went. he did and he loved it.
I took, I didn't and I loved it.
This littlest of my boys has the hugest of personalities, prone to flinging his arms out and bursting into song " We're FLYING , SOARING!" He gets stickers for entertaining and singing at nursery. He assumes that he will be adored wherever he goes, and he has yet to be wrong.
He is a bit of a girlie's man and has little time for the boys and their rough and tumble ways at school and nursery, he loves the girls and compliments them on their shoes and hair ( oh dear)
He has complied a list for Christmas and at the top of it is High school musical socks, pink ones please, that he will wear at home because he is beginning to see that wearing the sparkles to nursery could be a mistake.
How sad that the joys of life should be curtailed so young, I have noticed that his desperate need for all things pink and sparkly is waning. He still notices shoes on little girls and stares longingly if they happen to be pink, he has stopped asking for his very own pair though.
Dog the Bounty hunter appears to have settled his need for long blond hair, I suspect he was keen on the shock factor and if that big old lump of testosterone has long blond hair....well forget it, it's the pretty my boy wants!
He ran into the classroom today, found his beloved Hannah and didn't so much as look my way. It was impossible to be sad about leaving him because he was so thrilled to be there.
He has a peg with his name on, which is always, for some reason, is the thing that gives me a lump in my throat, it makes it all so real that this tiny person in his school trousers and sweatshirt, is staying, he now belongs to the world a bit.
More than ever before I feel so strongly that this boy not be changed. He is so perfect as he is, sticky out ears and all, he is a joy to behold and to be with. A sunny and glorious boy, please don't let the world get to him.
It happens so subtly, this changing. It starts with the walk usually, baby walk becomes big boy swagger.
The face changes and develops a look of defiance at times.....the look that says he knows so much, he doesn't need to ask you anymore, that " my teacher says" look.
Isaac hasn't gained any of that, lucky me, he still needs me so much for reassurance that all is well, that this world is an OK place to visit. Who said autism is a bad thing?
What a difference it makes to leave such a little person in a big place and have him feel at ease, I can see that he will be running into school without me long before my Isaac does. So self assured is he.

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He loves to learn and is desperate to be like Isaac and Seth, he sits with the laptop and talks as though he knows what he is doing and he writes on the whiteboard...spelling his words out DDDDFED. A. JJJDA. Perfect, he is quite honestly a genius.
We took him to Mac Ds for lunch after school...

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He showed us what he learned to waggle his ears, I have no idea how he does it! I have to try and get that on video because he literally flaps his ears like Dumbo! How do you do that??
Time has flown since this boy was born, he's my joy.
Thank goodness I going to be a Nana, I might feel horribly sad that this baby of mine is now a big boy otherwise!

Here's the ear flapping!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha, Aubrie can do that with her ears also. I'm so glad he had a wonderful day. So much better when they enjoy school and makes it easier down the line. Aubrie hated it from day one. Nick loves it and yesterday his teacher ran up in the car line and said how well he reads with his art teacher in tow saying how much she enjoyed having him in art class. Quite a change from another first grade teacher that did nothing but complain that Aubrie's handwriting was terrible. Perhaps the teachers were the problem after all.
Love the picture of Elijah at school with that big old grin!!!!

3:56 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

He is absolutely adorable...ear wiggling and all. I don't know how they do that. I certainly couldn't. Glad he loves school. Makes it so much easier to let go.

4:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable. I love the video!!


7:45 pm  
Blogger Becca said...

He is lovely, cute and adorable and I LOVE your accent, makes me homesick. I should shut up about that huh?

he is massive

8:49 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

He's divine, Helen. I saw the ear flapping today on BZ and laughed so hard Peter wanted to see, too. He keeps calling Eli the "ear flipping boy." You are such a lucky mum!

3:34 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Wonderful his first day went so well Helen. :) It is hard isn't it? I have my boy today, all day and I am delighted.

Zachary and I were watching the ear flapping and Zachary started to do it! :) Very cute! Honestly, I can do it myself.

11:49 am  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh My Goodness! I want to squish him all up and cuddle him forever! He's just the cutest little guy ever isn't he???

2:33 pm  
Blogger TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I love how you describe your boys. My 11 year old was fascinated with pink forever...he has outgrown it but would love a lot of High School Musical items if they weren't so girly, lol

7:53 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

ROFL I want to learn how to do that--too funny.

He's such a treat, isn't he?

I love what you said about the need for pink sparklies--it's good to know David isn't alone as a boy with a love of shiny, pink or purple things LOL (although shiny in any color is good too).

3:00 pm  

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