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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Liberating, that's what that was.

Today I did it. Really, no kidding- I actually did it. For real.
I gave up. Ha! Just like that.
I forget ( because my brain is a farty old lump of pooh) how much I have written about landlady, do nothing. She does nothing, apart from expect money, when she doesn't deserve it.
I was in touch with the good old Citizens advice bureau, because they have all kinds of marvellous people who know the law and they tell you what you can and can't do and even represent you, for nothing. I wanted ( so desperately ) to tell me that she ( landlady) is out of line and I am right and NA NA NA NA NA....up your bum landlady, etc.Tell me that we have every right to withhold that £160 that she has bloody well stolen from us. Was going great, the thing about the C.A.B is that it is run by volunteers who have stopped working but are still so useful that they feel obliged to keep doing what they do, my dad worked for them, with probationers and such like, so when you talk to someone they are, more often than not, elderly and well educated and they speak exactly the way I adore.
Today's lady (and she really was a lady, I could tell) was no exception. I think she was wearing tweed and pearls and she said things like " beg pardon? Would you say that again because I simply cannot believe what you are telling me" and she used words like "ludicrous" which made me love her without ever seeing her ( which is no new thing, I loved H online before I met him, because he used to say things like ma'am and with that voice, I was caught, hook line and sinker and look where that got me. )
Anyway, she was definitely on my side and was telling me everything I wanted to hear, I had to go and collect the boys that aren't puking from school, so she went off to find out exactly where we stand and would call back.
She probably called my dad in heaven or some other old fart that knows the law properly and not just the way it bloody well should be because actually the C.A.B does not recommend we withhold the money from our rent, they suggest we spend money to take her to the small claims court.
Landlady who does nothing, suddenly wants to do everything and can she have a key while we are away because......HELL NO!
As if.
There is absolutely no way she is coming into this house while we are away. I don't trust her as far as I can throw her ( which, actually is probably quite a long way I am so mad at her) and she isn't have access to my home while I am not here. 3 months of asking her to get a move on an dfix the leaking roof and the bathroom floor and she has done NOTHING, now she wants our key while we are in a whole other country?
Padlocks, double locks and absolutely NO WAY is she coming in.
I am going to have to use my caller I.D and avoid her calls and not answer the door for the next week.
Oh...I digress, anyway having had the crushing news that I can't keep my own money and stick a finger up at her, I wasn't in the best mood and wouldn't you know it, she called, I answered, heard her voice and said " Oh, can I hand you over to H?" Which flummoxed them both.....especially as I handed H the phone and said " landlady, can't be bothered...." I heard her stuttering and saw his face and I felt so free and fabulous, I knew that I would be doing that again, yes indeed.
H told her ( when she asked if I was OK) that I was fine, er, hmmmmm, stressed I think, kids and such like" and he did it, he dealt with her and no-one died, the sky didn't fall in.
Well, what do you know?
It's our anniversary today, 8 years. Yes. That's about it, that's all, it just No. Jewels? Ha! Card? Don't be daft. Just 8 years. Pttttttttthhhhhh.



Blogger Julie Q said...

Well, Happy Anniversary anyway Helen. :) I would surely hand the phone over too, what a great gift to yourself. Providing H doesn't tell her she can come in while you are away. I have a feeling Ken would do that!

3:58 am  
Blogger Elise said...

Happy Anniversary! 8 years is quite an accomplishment. I'm not even halfway there...will be on this next one, and I feel like I've accomplished something myself! :)

5:09 pm  
Blogger noname said...

Happy Anniversary!

I have to handle those calls, too. Once in a very blue moon Mike will take them for me, but he prefers that I take care of things like that. Our very first landlord used to come in our house, while I was asleep. I worked 7pm-7am and slept during the day. No one was home so I slept in the buff. Was a couple of months before I knew he'd been coming in and knew our bedroom very well. We kept a phone hidden in the headboard (to keep it away from Bear actually) and he went right to it one day without being told where it was. Took him to court and got every last cent of the rent and deposit back that we'd paid him. (he wouldn't do repairs either)

Wish you luck with yours.

6:33 pm  
Blogger Robin said...

i don't usually de-lurk here to comment (although i enjoy your blog immensely) but i felt i had to do so today because:

hoorah for you and for the C.A.B.!!


happy anniversary! your flowers are in your heart when you think about how much you love H; your jewels are 3: Isaac, Eli and Seth; and the card? it's a holographic changes every day when you look at your family. not JUST 8 years, at all.

2:26 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Well, Happy Anniversary!

How nice to let H take the call. I am sure it was good for a change, to not have to deal with her. I hope everything works out. She sounds like such a crooked lady..

3:16 am  

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