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Monday, January 14, 2008

Come into my parlour......

BEcause I went to MY new house today, with a camera and tape measure, so I could walk around MY house and see what furniture will fit.
Most of it and the rest? You know our crap that I love and am tired of dumping every 3 months, we can take it because LOOK!

HUGE loft with ladder and empty so we can fill it with boxes and stuff and whatever we like.

And we have patterny carpets that I love because I am almost a Nana ( and in 3 days time I will know if I am going to a girl nana or a boy nana and can life get more exciting or not????) But those curtains? I will never be old enough to love those curtains! We shall immediately replace them with beautiful and tasteful ones.


Lovely bay window in lounge, that isn't big enough to take all our sofas and chairs but who cares??
Very ugly fireplace that will wither away into the background once our things are in there.

but oh, LOOK


Lovely, lovely kitchen, which is lovely and mine. SO many cupboards and such light and dirty cooker. Dear Life, does NO-ONE ever clean the damn cooker when they leave these houses? How come I always clean the stove ( but not this time, oh no. Not even a wipe)

And stairs and banisters

Shiny banisters, lovely stairs, without creaking boards and stained carpets, with no smells and itchy feet making stuff.

For some reasaon, everywhere I needed to stand to take a good picture, the estate agent boy ( who was no older than Jordan, I am so old) was in the way, so these pictures are just good enough for me to look at and remember how much I need to be there, they aren't good enough to convince anyone else that it is truly a haven from the world.
They came out dark because the flash didn't work half the time and none of the rooms is shown in full, just lumps of room. My favourite part ( apart from the kitchen) is the hallway and young, why isn't he at school, does his mother know he is out on his own estate agent boy was IN THE WAY! So I just could not get a picture of how grand and wide and beautiful it is, just a very unsatisfactory one of the wrong bit, looking all tired and old lady-ish.

The upstairs landing though.....all wide and spacious, with lovely skylights that open and will let heavenly breezes in during the hot summer evenings that we WILL have this year.


And ooooooooh, CLEAN and shiny shower in new bathroom which has cupboards and shelves.


And bedrooms, with fireplaces.


And bay windows.


( and awful carpet, ask me if I care!)

Workshop for H who makes things, and is happy with such spaces where he can whittle and saw, with ear phones in and a song in his heart. ( but not his ears because MUSIC? On his iPOd, I should jolly well think not, pod casts and interesting discussions. Indeed.)


It does have some antwacky old things in there, but to me, they add character ( apart from the ugly glass sliding door at the top of the stairs which hides the ugliest mirror STUCK to the wall, with pictures of palm trees on, in fact I almost wish the mirror had Elvis on because at least then Isaac would appreciate it, this mirror is SO UGLY, even with my rose tinted glasses I can't like that mirror.)

So, I made a decision on the letter, landlady and I are done and dusted. 2 more weeks and this shall all be a memory.
I got a lot done today, with my littlest boy at school all day. I do believe we can get all this done.



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