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Friday, January 04, 2008

I wonder why I am surprised.

Well, what do you know? The landlady says that if we leave before the lease is up, she will charge us £750. INCREDIBLE!
No matter that we have bent over backwards to accommodate her, no matter that she has not kept to ONE part of her legal responsibilities, nothing matters, NOW she wants to stick to the legalities of it all.
When I pointed out that as she hasn't invested our deposit, and as a result of that I am within my rights to go to county court and sue her for my deposit PLUS 3-10 times that amount. Her reply was that I should do my homework because she isn't obligated to invest that money as we became her tenants before that law came out. I pointed out that what the law states is this....once anything in a tenancy agreement changes, ANYTHING,the new law stands, we have had TWO completely new tenancy agreements with this woman. The law stands. She can, I suppose keep £750, if she wants. I can ( and WILL) prove that although she wants to stick with THIS particular clause, she hasn't stuck with any of the others. She hasn't ensured this house is wind and rain proof ( oh look, raining and we have streams running down from the skylights) she has to have had safety checks BEFORE we move in ( not suddenly remember after I ask for the proof that 'oh, yes, they ARE due aren't they?) she has to make sure that this house is in good repair ( oh ha ha ha ha ha) she has to do repairs when we point out what needs doing ( oh, really? When did I write that letter about the bathroom floor? What was her reply? Oh I remember, " don't use the shower then, I turned the shower OFF so you couldn't use it)
The woman is a nightmare and I am ready to stand my ground.
This means that somehow, we have to come up with £750 extra, as well as money to move ( again) I would crumble except my rage is holding me together.
I can't tell you how hard my heart is pounding hours after that conversation with her.
In 3 weeks we will ( I hope and pray ) be out of this house and away from this woman who has had such a hold over us. When you live in someone's house you are, to a degree, at their mercy, if they want you out, you're out, if they're gone, if they up the rent, what can you do ?
Lately the UK have been bringing in new laws that protect tenants, I am so grateful for that because something tells me we are going to need to bring all those new laws into force here.
But how much better would it have been if she had just wished us well?
Who needs extra stress and bad feeling?
I have no doubts that in the end, we will win whatever fight we have to endure. I am ridiculously anal about taking pictures of before and after, work we have done, problems we encounter are noted and pictures taken every time.
I can get together a veritable dossier of wrong doings and laws broken by this woman...I just wish I didn't have to.
The good news is ( yes, there IS some good news) the agency don't think that any of Bridget's shininigans will affect whether we get the house or not. As long as we can come up with that money £1450 ( well really only £750, the rest is in the bank) they say that their say so and the fact that we have rented with them for so long before will over ride anything she may say. Also, if she were to say that we are poor tenants, she'll look foolish because why has she given us three of her houses? Anyway, I can't worry. I am all out of worry. I have plenty of mad and a who truck load of indignant. I hope that is what we need to get through this.
Anyway if I wanted to worry I would worry about my girl who is living in a room, in a house with a man in his 40's with half his face tattooed, because BLOODY HELL!!!!!
But I'm not even worrying about that because, well it doesn't change anything does it? I can fight her and she'll do as she pleases or I can love her and pray a lot. There, I just called her and she is happy and says she loves living there and she loves me, maybe Mr Tattoo face will be her saving grace, maybe he will turn out to be one of those 'Never judge a book by it's tattooed cover' and I will eat my words and become a mouthpiece for middle aged men with scary faces.
So, worrying is not going to happen, perhaps itching and indigestion, maybe short temper and insomnia, who knows. Plenty of looking forward and lots of positive thinking.
H ..all on his own, without so much as a mention from me, has already called and arranged the TV,phone and internet at the new house. TA DA! Positive, marvellous.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I am impressed that H has done his bit! You can teach new tricks can't you?

10:56 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Your landlady never ceases to amaze me and in no good way either. Good thing that you are anal about pictures and noting and such. I am very sure that if it has to go to court, well, she is up a creek. I just don't get how someone like she can be so difficult. She has to know she is in the wrong. She has to know that she will be fighting a losing battle. But, I bet she thinks she is dealing with a complacent lady who she can run all over. Won't she be in a big surprise!

And good for H for getting some of that other stuff out of the way!

2:20 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Wow, my grammar is spectacular. That sentence(2nd to last one) should read: Won't she be in *for* a big surprise! LOL.

2:23 am  
Blogger TN said...

What a mean old landlady! I think she is fighting a losing battle. Hoo...Rah....for H. Wish I could say the same for mine!!

2:28 am  
Anonymous pennyjar said...

I'm really pulling for you on this house deal, you deserve a place in which you can breathe! I think I'm delurking here, pretty sure I haven't posted before, have been reading your page for a couple months now, very much enjoy your sense of humor. Sense of the absurd. It's all absurd, isn't it.

3:29 am  

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