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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jet lag......I think I like it.

Who said Jet lag was a bad thing? Last night the boys went to bed at 8pm, they woke up at today at NOON! I woke up at 10.20am, couldn't move, my back had seized up, so unaccustomed to being in one position for so long it was screaming it's complaint!
I ran around like a headless chicken, shopping and getting gas and electricity keys and cards charged so we can be warm and have lights and things, buying stashes of slimfast because I am SO ready to get back on the straight and narrow. ( Grandpa's scales said I lost 10lbs over there and my scales say the same thing! We ate very well but I had no sweets, no chocolate apart from a few quality street, no bread and no chips......hoorah!) I have a small person to lose, I am uncomfortable and intend to be able to smile when holding my grandbaby and having pictures taken of me with him/her.
Did I tidy the house ( nope)
Did I put anymore of this piled up stuff away ( nope well maybe a bit but you'd never know it!)
Did I find myself nodding off whilst upright but still? ( why yes, I did, thankyou for asking, it makes me laugh because that is such an old lady thing to do)
Isaac came with me on every trip, he is such a helpful boy, he really does help, not tag along and get in the way, he is a joy to take with me. ( Usually!) I wish he would stop running away, he shoots off to get to the next task and I hold my breath in case he gets into bother.
AT LAX, huge airport he wanted the bathroom and when we got there, he refuse to come with me into the Ladies, he just ran right into the men's toilet, on his own and then would NOT come out, I stood yelling his name and the little bugger ignored me, I was about to ask a random traveller to go and get him when he came skulking out with a face like thunder.
So, everyone is in bed and I think I might join them. While we were away I went to bed ridiculously early and slept beautifully, I am going to try and keep going to bed at a good hour instead of that stupid 3am nonsense.
I wonder how long the sleeping in will last? Heaven.



Anonymous Lacey said...

Lost 10 lbs on vacation? You are a miracle worker. I will join you in the New Year slimfast. Was looking into it today. I don't want to be chubby anymore. I just don;t know what to do about it.

1:19 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Welcome home Helen! :)

I've been watching Nana's baby grow! :)

Bummer on the lotion. That just stinks!

4:35 am  
Blogger TN said...

Enjoy the sleeping in while is DOES last!!!! I'm watching Nana's baby grow too!!!!

11:32 pm  

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