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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lovely but very long.

Am so tired my head might fall off and roll under the bed any minute. Great day at wildlife park that was a zoo really, lovely one but a zoo nevertheless.
Seth had a tummy upset on the way down...he said he needed the bathroom, then we could smell he needed the bathroom, we found a bathroom in the middle of a huge Japanese shopping place, cleaned him up and drove to the nearest Target, bought new clothes, Imodium for kids, sanitizer and wipes and set off again with a hope and a prayer. He sort of picked up and was fine, Isaac then started to whine at the end of the day, Eli thought he should say he had tummy ache too....I am tired of tummy aches, whining and puke but we are managing to have fun along the way too.
We stopped on the way home as grandpa's eyes were melting, we ate at a great place called Macaroni grill, delicious and friendly and SO busy that they give you a pager when they send you out to sit and wait your turn...HOORAH when the pager flashes and announces it's your turn to eat.
I really don't usually sleep on a car journey but couldn't keep my eyes open, I hate it when I nod off, wake up what feels like 3 hours later but is actually about 7 minutes and find I am still travelling and we are never going to get there, this is going to go on for days and I can't stand it......let me OUT! I hear myself tutting and occasionally whispering 'shit' because are we not there yet?
Now we are back and showered, life is alright again.
we are scheduled for a trip to Universal studios tomorrow, I say scheduled because it sort of feels like that, we get a bit bulldozed into making plans that must be made and sealed and ORDER the TICKETS NOW! and so we do, because it hurts less that way...until now, when we are SO tired and wish we had no plans other than sit in our hotel room and weep about the fact that it is the last night tomorrow. I want to spend hours smelling the clean towels and dropping things on the floor to see if they get picked up by someone else. I am literally weepy and spineless at the thought of leaving this little sanctuary, apart from the fact that when we are at grandpa's we won't have to do so much driving, every day, driving around for hours to get anywhere.
Pictures soon, I took a ton but all that downloading and cropping, photoshopping and posting...can't. Just can't.
I think my bank has kindly stopped my card working, nice way to save, can't use it anywhere.....I imagine I will have to call and tell them to let me spend my money thankyouverymuch. I hope that's what it is, can't think why else it won't work! They must have been having a cup of tea and chattering amongst themselves saying " Hmmm look, that Helen one , you know that miserable one that never does anything? Someone is trying to spend her money in California, stop it right now, put an end to such shenanigans immediately!" So I shall have to call and say it is me, in disguise as a go getting traveller. ** No sooner said than done, kind man on the end of phone said " ooooh yes, we saw that someone tried to withdraw x amount in Exciting wildlife Park, California....flagged as unusual activity and declined, I will let them know this is genuine and you can have your own money within 15 minutes" Smashing.**
Have to sleep, 9.30pm....insomnia? What's that then?



Blogger justLacey said...

Oh I am enjoying your vacation as much as you are!

11:54 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

OoOh, the zoo! Glad that the puking held off while at the naturepark.

Oh and glad everything worked out with your bank card. At least you know they watch for those sorts of things!

5:37 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

Bleh for the stomach aches--got that myself just now but it must be SO MUCH worse when it's your kids and you are away from home. Hope everyone is well soon and things calm down a bit SOON.

10:18 pm  

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