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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chicken soup for my soul.

So we went to the beach, something about that, in December, that just soothes my soul. we saw Dolphins, right there in front of us, sea lions and sunshine, we drank hot chocolate and we found a man selling oysters, for $9.99 you get to pick an oyster and when he opens it you get to keep the pearl, I found a beautiful black pearl in my oyster, I want to get it set in a plain setting with a beautiful plain gold chain.

Look at this beautiful sunset...pure heaven.

Little boys in the hot tub.....Seth's face says it all

Isaac asked for a root beer float, of his own, not to share...all for him....I think he was happy!
G/pa told us today that Rob didn't get on the train..he made his way back to the house and won't leave. His mom said she had no idea he had come up here, he doesn't want to be with us....just near where his dad is. She said even at home, when he is taking his meds ( which he quite clearly isn't right now) she says he comes over every day and just sits in a different room to her, staring at a wall.

He is just so sick it's hard to know what to do. I am sad for him, except he seems perfectly fine with what he is and who he is. H is in a quandary though. He is mad because he has no clue what to do. In hind sight, we should never have told him we were coming, we should have just turned up to visit him. Had we even had close to a clue how bad he is we would never have let him know we were here.

He has no idea what he is thinking...why did he come? He doesn't want to be with us, he is obviously afraid and uncomfortable...did he think if he came back he would feel the same way he used to feel? does he want to live back here ( that's the real worry!) We are due to visit N. Ca next week and I suppose we take him with us, though how he will cope with a drive that long with 3 little boys is anyone's guess.

It's impossible to not wonder why and how in this situation. Would this have happened anyway? Did his excessive drug use at such an early age do this? Is there any chance that he will improve even a little? If he won't take his meds he is in trouble. It's so frustrating to see this young man live like this and not help himself.

Tomorrow, Marilyn and I are going shopping on our own, just us. H and grandpa are taking the boys out for the day, what heaven that will be! I have to wrap some presents too. I went to Michael's yesterday and they had the hugest selection of stocking stuffers for $1. I think i pretty much did the boys stockings for $34! All those wonderful, trashy things that make christmas, scratch boards, painting by numbers, marble games, sticker sets, notebooks and pencils. a gazillion things for them to do that they can take on the plane ( which pretty much guarantees the fact that they will sleep all the way home!) I think I am done with the gifts, almost!

Tomorrow with Marilyn I hope to finish up...we'll see, I shall give it my best shot, no-one can say that I haven't well and truly made up for all those months of scrimping and saving, I am almost overdosed on shopping! What's a girl to do ?

Oh, I had to laugh at myself today because everywhere we go, people are telling me to have a happy holiday. I was so touched and yet wondering how they knew I was on holiday ( DUH!) "Why thankyou! I AM having a really Happy holiday, how clever of you to know that I am on holiday" I was almost a little sad when it sunk in that they all mean Merry christmas. I rather liked everyone caring that my vacation was going well.

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Blogger Julie Q said...

:) I'm glad everything is going so well. I am enjoying your updates.

So sad about H's son though Helen.

11:50 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date! Hope you continue to enjoy your holiday!!!!

1:33 am  
Blogger Little Nothings said...

I love that you all are having a good time! I was so pleased to see that there were updates when I checked in on you just a little bit ago!

Continue to have fun and put that foot down when ya have to!

5:04 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

I do adore reading your blog! You somehow manage to go from the horror of dealing with the shell that is Rob to joking about the double meaning behind people wishing you a happy holiday. (hugs) You truly are an amazing person. Keep up that outlook! You'll NEED IT as life can get crazy, huh? XD

10:30 pm  

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