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Sunday, December 02, 2007

I do believe I am done.

With the exception of that last minute insanity tomorrow, I am done. If it isn't ready now, then it's going to have to go undone.
For 3 weeks, THREE weeks. I do not have to ...

Take to or collect from school.
Buy a single loaf of bread, roll of toilet paper or boring every day stuff.
Not one doctors appt ( please Lord)
Collect or drop of a single prescription.
Take any phone calls.
Make any phone calls.
Make a bed ( well the last 10 days I will, but 11 nights I get my bed made for me)
Clean a toilet.
Wash a dish.
Pay a bill.
Cook dinner.
Make breakfast.
Think of what to have for lunch ( Oh look where we are, lets eat here! Oh the joy!)
Clear the table.
Put the bins out.
Sort the recycling.
Pay $9 a gallon for petrol.
Think about, prepare or give a lesson at church ( thankyou Gemma for taking over for me)
Buy food for Christmas.

I will be:

Window shopping and even buying things, like clothes for ME.
Getting my hair cut ( maybe, if I want to because it's all about what I want you know)
Going to Disneyland.
Christmas shopping.
Eating out every day.
Having a cooked breakfast in the hotel when I am ready.
Visiting lovely people.
Driving a posh car rented by Grandpa ( scary but cool)
Using free shuttles to fun places.
Going to Target and buying ziplock bags because they are £4 a box here and no plastic bag is worth that.
Going to the 99c store and getting excited because THAT IS LIKE 50P!!!!!
Buying cool stuff for my people.
Looking and buying baby things for my grandbaby because I am going to be a NANA soon.
Sleeping some more.
Eating some more because ..well because food halls, Dairy Queen, Wetzel Pretzel, Pizza, Home Town buffet ( you maybe have to live in England and try eating out here to get the absolute JOY of home town buffet!)
Getting re-fills on every drink I have whilst eating out, in England you pay for one drink, you get ONE drink. ( Jordan NEVER got over the thrill of a refill, he never left a fast food place until he had a bucket sized bladder filled with 3 gallons of pop, I think Isaac may be the same.)
I really hope that I will do much smiling and enjoying, the yelling and snarling has made me beyond weary, this whole year has been so hard I think we need every day of the next 3 weeks to recover.
I hope that I have done everything we need. I hope we have the best time and come back ready and able to face 2008. Next year has so much to look forward to. new baby ( without the loss of sleep and having to actually push it out, how fabulous is that?)
I hope to find a new house with different landlord, or even push the council to help us, that's been on the back burner until we get back.I know that with the extra time we will have with the Eli boy in full time school the chances for change are huge.
I am praying for this holiday to just give me some strength back, at the very least some joy back.
I am taking my laptop but actually sort of hope that I am too busy and too tired from having fun to use it much. I will try and update, it might just be more of a photo album than anything else though!
So, wish us well and we'll think of you as we relish every day of this trip.
3 weeks and we'll be back....will you miss me?

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Blogger Julie Q said...

Very much Helen.

Have a wonderful time!!

The time away from the everyday sounds like a dream to me about now.

9:49 pm  
Blogger TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I hope you have a fabulous time!!! Next time you need ziplocks email me, I'll mail you some, lol..we tend to have an overabundance of them always at our house!!!

10:55 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

have a perfectly lovely vacation! and if you need too please feel free to drop in ;)

6:07 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

I will definitely miss you, but I hope that you have a lot of fun and get to relax as well.

3:19 pm  
Blogger Little Nothings said...

I hope that your vacation is the best and that you are able to enjoy it just as much as you deserve!!

You will be missed! Even if all you have time for is a photo album I'm sure we'd all love it but you having peace away from it all is the most important!
When can we expect you back?

3:43 pm  
Blogger noname said...

Of course we'll miss you but don't you dare blog or do anything else unless you really want to. You deserve a wonderful, fun filled and exciting break!

I'd never thought about free refills on drinks before. Just always took it for granted.

5:49 pm  
Blogger TN said...

Helen, have a glorious vacation. It would be heavenly to get away from the everyday routine for a while. I will miss you and look forward to hearing all about your journey! Clara

11:14 pm  

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