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Friday, December 14, 2007

That went well.

She lied.
you know how sometimes you quash down the resentment and irritations that you may come across and manage to convince yourself that really, what do they matter? Get over it, let it be. ( whisper words of wisdom la de dah) Anyway and you do it so well for so long and then one day.....
Yes, today would be the day, when in public, I let him have it.
F words and all. Unfortunately we weren't on the Jerry springer show, or in the van. Nope, right there in the public eye ( and ear) I hope I didn't yell......but I did stomp and tell him he was a twat. I offered him money and asked him ( actually told him) where he should put it / shove it.
I tried this evening to explain why his thoughtless words hit me so hard but he is man, he is stupid. He is sleeping in the other room, with the kids, one of whom is puking. Good.
I would love to tell you the details but we all know that if I do that I will regret it because I do have a smidgen of loyalty, misguided half the time I'm sure but some things should be kept a little private.
Usually I am able to accept that his way of thinking is whacky, that he isn't able to think emotionally....other times it just irritates the bloody hell out of me and I could punch him in his po face.
Why do men have such a hard time ever seeing they may be wrong? WHY? Why must everything be flip flopped around so that WE are wrong, WE have it twisted, WE can't see what is in front of our eyes? Why can I not just accept that and heave a sigh and move on?

So Rob went home this evening ( we hope, who can tell?) turns out he sold the ticket he didn't use, see? Not as green as he's cabbage looking is he? Scared and paranoid young man decides he won't be able to get on scary train....hmmmmmm will walk up to complete strangers and tout the ticket, make way back to grandpa's, hang out a few days letting people throw cash at him til he feels the want to head home and then someone ( not step mother or father because we saw right through his antics) will buy him a new ticket aww bless. Little shit.

I bought new bras today, THREE of them , proper ones that fit and feel all safe and comfy. What ever came over me? Also I bought a new camera, well new to me anyway and a bit posh we think. I will be excited when it gets here, I am finding it hard to be very excited about anything today after such shinanigans all day.

Blargh, am boring myself and am ready for a bit of a slump on the sofa watching some TV which isn't terribly exciting, not as many channels in here as the bedroom but I'll take it anyway, have a lovely book and comfy pillows, if I had some hot chocolate I wouldn't call the queen my cousin ...wonder if you can put Nesquik in the microwave?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well let's hope today is a better day. I thought I was the only one who was at fault for everthing, lol. funny how they manage to make you seem crazy. Don't let this ruin the rest of your vacation. Still a week to go and all. Feel free to stay next door if you need to!

10:55 am  
Anonymous Julie Bo said...

still a nice clean cosy comfy bed waiting for you up here should you need it :)

1:32 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Ugh, you mean, men aren't always right? Who knows why they seem to think that way. I hope that things settle down and the rest of your holiday go well!

5:39 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

I warm the milk, then add the nesquick! :)

Watching Nana's baby grow. :)

3:09 am  
Blogger Stetch said...

Ack what a day you had!

10:20 pm  

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