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Thursday, December 20, 2007

and a few more days....

So, hmmm, the last couple of days. I forget what day it is, what month it is and even what country we are in! A blur of busy busy and much excitement. Excitement such as chuck E cheese...because we heard all about it and all the FUN! So we went, and got lost and then found it and then there we were.
I really didn't know what to expect but had a sneaking suspicion that it was going to be one of those things you do because children like it, I was right...they liked it but eating was never going to really be a big part of the evening because the LIGHTS and the NOISE and the FUN! They really liked it and I liked the all you can eat salad bar, I think somehow we forgot about vegetables and fruit and salad while we've been here. I don't think I have been to burgerfied but the meat.......and the chicken and the wheres the vegetables? I have been doing that! So that salad and the green stuff and the fruit, oh so delicious.
A startling resemblance in the ear department?

Such a serious business for my Isaac, this having fun stuff.

I went over to Seth because darn it if that little boy wasn't throwing his basketballs and I was all so protective and ready to scold little boy for using my defensive English child's token....until I discovered it was the little boy's token and Seth was 'helping' him by throwing his basketballs ....cringe, scold own child and go away to mind my own business!

Cute little carousel riding person. He is a bit lost over here and reacting by being a whiner, Please let the sweet Eli come home on the plane with us.

Today we went to the LA Temple, looked around the grounds, spent a fortune at the book store ( I loved that book store!) and then we saw a Hawk sitting on top of the looked so beautiful and then as it flew away I snapped it.....I wish the picture was clearer, because how clever that it was right next to the US flag...


I am missing my big kids, I haven't heard a peep from Jordan but have spoken to Dan and Sophie a time or two. Eli and I are ready for home, although we are still having fun. I hope that when we get home my skin calms down, since we have been at Grandpa's house my hands have flared up, its 4 years since I had the hand rash and this time is horrible. My hands are covered in tiny painful blisters, every one feels like a razor blade and the itch is miserable, luckily I bought my steroid cream with me because you can't buy the strength that I use, it is just about keeping it from exploding out of all control but not clearing it. The dermatologist said she wants to see me if and when they do this so if it is still bed when I get home I will have to get the Doctor to call right away and get me in, I hope she has a relief for it that is better than anything I am using right now.
When we get back I think it will almost be time for the big Nana baby ultrasound! Imagine that, we'll know whether it is a girl or boy....I wish I knew already, though that could be dangerous! The stuff I could buy if I knew! Oh my! I have bought some pretty wonderful's getting everything home that could be a problem! When we get back to the UK, I think H is going to have to get a bus and take some bags with him, no way will it all fit in our car! From peanut butter to clothes, we've bought it.
everything we see is exciting to us, when we see all the 75% off racks it's like going into a trance, then we calculate how that is even half the price in £s and we almost have a giddy fit!
We took the boys to dinner at Hometown buffet tonight, Isaac hardly knows where to start...I swear he doesn't actually eat anything but the joy of being able to help himself to all that different food? Turns him hyper. Elijah likes to check out the restrooms, apparantly, the ones at Hometown buffet have really nice edges to the sinks, he stood stroking them saying " ooh, nice edges..see nat? Nice edges wigth dere" such attention to detail my boy has.

On friday I am driving ( yes me, ) down ( UP?) to northern Ca to Sacramento, posh minivan with me behind the wheel on these huge roads for 7 hours, makes me panic itch just thinking about it. I do not want to go. At all, even a tiny bit. H's mom is organising with her sister for all the family to get together and see us on saturday, 3827 cousins, aunties and their families, will see me, with my 3 cold sores, PMT spots, blisters, welts, frizzy hair and fat. Marvellous, just thinking about it brings me out in another batch of ugly sores. Maybe the kids will be such brats ( more of a probability than possibility the way they have been lately) that they will hardly notice me!
I feel a good nights sleep coming on, we are decorating a tree for grandpa tomorrow ( the boys chose the baubles at the 99c store...we're in for a treat of unimaginable proportions, I think I saw some purple baubles and thin red, green and gold tinsel, wow!)
we're doing things a little differently this year, I am cooking a christmas roast on Christmas eve, then on Christmas day we'll just eat cold meats and leftovers and are going to see a movie that opens on christmas day.
I am SO excited to see this movie and this will be such a different way to spend the day.
The holiday has been ( so far ) a success, it has reopened some sad memories but helping me to rid myself of the hangups that are behind those memories, I hope I reached H last night. He seems to have heard me....I hope so.
More tomorrow....ooooooh we're going to a swap meet! I just LOVE those things, so I am looking forward to that, better get a good sleep.

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Blogger LosingSanity said...

Oh don't stress about the family gathering. If they are any kind of decent people, they won't be concerned with your hair or your welts! They should just be thankful you have graced them with your presence;-)

The Christmas plans sound wonderful. Hope everyone enjoys!

5:52 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

I love reading about your holiday adventures, Helen! The picture of Elijah and Chuck E. Cheese is hilarious!

losingsanity is right -- H.'s family should be grateful to be in your very presence. ;)

9:44 pm  
Blogger noname said...

Been reading your holiday adventures. Big hugs from me. Think I'd be ready to go home, too, lol.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

12:54 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

I have to agree as well Helen. They should be happy you are making the trip. :)

That movie does look good. Not sure if we will see it in a theater or on dvd in the near future. :) I predict an Easter release to DVD. ;)

2:45 am  

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