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Monday, December 31, 2007

From me to you...


AS I sit here my clock says 23.54 and the TV clock says the same....shame then that the church bell ringers have their clocks 6 minutes faster...ringing like the clappers! So happy new year now, or in 5 fact all year long!
May 2008 and completely great.
Another year of blogging, I love it.
Oooh fireworks have started, maybe it's my clock that is wrong, always seem to just miss the fun!

T'was the week after Christmas
And here in our house
Not a creature dare move
Not even a mouse.

We've been home for a week
I'm ashamed though to say
Not a thing has been tidied
Unpacked, put away.

We are drowning in laundry,
My machine broke you see,
We have piles of presents
But alas, have no tree.

We have stuff from our trip
That should be on a shelf,
But it sits on the floor
Where it waits for an elf,

Or a fairy, or else Santa
Or a maid, fancy be.
It's wasting it's time
If it's waiting for me.

I am jetlagged to heck.
I am weary as hell,
I just can't be bothered
To be busy..oh well.

It is time to be cheery
And welcome on in
A year new and happy
Can I muster a grin?

I can try and I will
But my hopes are not high,
'Cause the kids are revolting
Though I promise to try.

This year has been one
Of much moving and then
Getting settled and comfy
And then moving, again.

Three times in one year
Is too much, I would say,
I think we were mad
But there wasn't a way

To avoid it and so
We just did it and then
As I said once before
Then we did it again.

I discovered with joy
That next year I will be
A Nana, yes! grandma
A new baby there'll be,

And for once it's not me
That will feel sick and tired
That will push and then swear
And then be quite admired

For being so clever
For having made such a boy
Or a girl ( would be lovely)
I can't tell you the joy!

I am buying the things
that a Nana can find
That a mummy or daddy
Can't buy...or will mind.

Noisy and useless
And pretty and posh.
That buying's a challenge
When you don't have much dosh.

In a week, my own baby,
My littlest guy,
My Elijah Henry
The apple of my eye,

Will put on his sweater,
His long pants, how cool!
And he'll join his big brothers
At a big persons' school.

For eight hours a day, he'll be gone
Oh my word
That I find it so sad
Is a little absurd.

For so long I have been
Stay at home mum to six,
Running ragged and weary
Feeling stuck in a fix.

I am thinking of all
I can do with the time
Maybe sleep, start a hobby,
Go to work, earn a dime.

But for now I will tackle
The mess in this place
And will gather some strength
Paste a smile on my face,

I will plan a nice evening,
Fill our home with good cheer
And I'll wish one and all
A happy new year!

May the new one be happy
Filled with joy and good health
And, if we are lucky
We might grab us some wealth.

I am happy to know you.
I am thrilled we are friends.
If I damaged your feelings,
I shall make some amends.

I do have a mouth
That runs off on it's own
I am apt to offend
Yes, that isn't unknown.

I expect that next year
I'll behave perfectly,
I would love that I know
But we'll wait and then see.

It's already the new year,
This has taken so long
That I missed on the deadline,
And to me, that's just wrong.

So without further ado
Not another new verse,
May I say that I hope this year
Will be better, not worse.

A Happy New year
And some love, straight from me.
From my house, to yours,
As sincere as can be.

Loads of love, Helen, Howard, Seth, Isaac and Elijah xxxx



Blogger Julie Q said...

Happy New Year to you! :)

Loved the verses Helen. Very clever!

I know you are going to miss your baby as much as I miss mine. :(

2:10 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Happy New Year to you too! You are absolutely amazing with words! Very clever!

7:24 am  
Blogger TN said...

How Lovely!!!! Happy One To You TOO!!!!!!

5:58 pm  

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