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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The one where I bore even myself.

I have that throbbing feeling in my back and legs, a satisfying, yet uncomfortable confirmation that I have been busy and anxiously engaged.
Another day of getting things done, making cupcakes and decoration them for this evening when H and I spent the evening with 13 x 8-11 year olds, planning the next 3 monthly evenings with them. Enough of that because I have had enough of that, delightful though they are, an hour and a half, at the end of the day is enough and the relief when we say goodbye and they ALL have that last insane kind of crazy running thing.
Why do they do that? ( could have been the cupcakes and chocolate milk but I suspect it wasn't)

Sophie texted me today and asked if I wanted some company today. I loved that, so she came for dinner ( and I made toad in the hole with cabbage & gravy, which she loves. ) She looked after the boys while H and I were out which was great, we came home and all 4 were snuggled on the sofa with blankets watching High school musical 2. Heart picture moment.
I drove her home and also took another car load of her things back ( ha...she was hoping to just leave them here but no way lady we have enough to pack and unpack thankyou!!) and this time I got to the back door of the house she actually calls home ( that's a good thing, right?) and saw that the man with the tattooed face has a dog, aw bless.....have a guess what breed, go on, bet you CAN guess, it's easy.
A pit bull terrier, you're RIGHT! How clever.
Honestly, we try hard not to stereotype people... but do they help us out, at all? Do they?
Anyway, she really seems to be happy, what more can I ask?

Jordan went to view a house today, right down the road from our new one, it'll be ideal for him and Mel when the baby comes, I hope that they are in with a chance even though they are so young, sometimes in these things they will get overlooked. I long for all of us to be settled and relaxed. Soon, I know it will be that way.

Ahhh, Horlicks ( hot malty drink!) is waiting, hot water bottle for my poor old back. It's a killer waking up for school but we're doing it somehow ( just!!) The boys are sleeping better at night, Eli crashed within minutes of getting home again at lunch time, I can't imagine how he is going to get through a full day, he is still such a baby to me.

The weather here ( yes, we're desperate enough to write about the weather, but just look at it as meaning that life is calm and steady, not boring) blimey O'Reilly, its WINDY! Up to gale force 7, that's blowy, take my word for it, rain too, but not so cold that it hurts, today anyway.
Let me say that right now, you can't take the sunshine out of my soul though. ( gag) It's really that good to me at the moment ( see that little grain of covering myself there, that 'at the moment' and 'right now'? That's the 'just in case' words because we haven't had the ' it's definitely yours' call). Something could still go wrong ( but IT WON'T!) My heart won't even begin to imagine how it will ache if this falls through and we don't get the house, especially as I am way too far down the road of no return as far as Landlady is concerned. Nothing has been sent off yet as I am still waiting on the lawyers call etc. but I can't see any other way to even things out. Tomorrow I have to get things moving, so much has to be done, the sooner I start the sooner we can put it all behind us.
I am boring myself, that's a good time to shut up.

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Blogger LosingSanity said...

Sounds like things are falling into place. We are having similar weather here, although it's been a decent 50-60 degrees (F) which is unusual for this time of year! But rain rain rain.

3:10 am  
Anonymous Lacey said...

I am never boed when I read here. I find it comforting in some way. To know you are doing well warms my heart.

10:46 am  
Blogger TN said...

Not boring here either! I always love to know what is going on in your life.

8:47 pm  

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