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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Only a week and a day.

That's how long it took school to suck the last of the baby out of Elijah.
That little goofy toothed, thumb sucking blob of messy haired gloriousness has become a regular big boy.
He walks like a big boy and he talks ( actually, maybe not) like a big boy. He struts and follows Isaac ( Ides) he has hands in pockets and he does 'Nuffin', at school. I asked him what he had for lunch because HE eats the hot choice, the lunch that mummy has nothing to do with, he can choose what he eats from a menu that makes H drool, freshly made at the school, with things like side salads and fresh fruit salad, home made pizza and roast chicken dinners. We have persuaded Seth to have the hot lunch on fridays because it is Fish and Chips and he loves that.
So, I asked the boy what he had for lunch today, "Nuffin, acherly it isn't lunch, it's school dinner and I had nuffin, but I did have bezert, " He so DID eat his lunch half of it was still stuck to his sweatshirt and bezert must have been a yoghurt because that was smeared all over his sweat shirt too.
He loves Hannah and I am told that they are pretty much inseparable, he told me that he strokes her hair ( "but I don't pull it, I duss only stroke it and sometimes she does this face" as he shows me a stern, glaring type expression!) he only needs Hannah and he sits with Hannah, he plays with Hannah and Hannah is his best friend.
He has done remarkably well with the 2 full days he has had at school, I am amazed he has stayed awake until 7.30 and is still a very nice little boy to be around ( unlike his brother Isaac, who has driven me almost to distraction with his surly and aggressive behavior this past week or so. I think he may well be feeling the strain of yet another move as well.)
I took his stroller to the tip, such a HUGE statement. I just can't justify keeping a pushchair for a boy who goes to school, I can do all my shopping when he is at school, no need to keep that scruffy old thing in the boot of the car 'just in case'.
It's official, no more baby for me.

UNTIL MAY! Then my grandbaby will be here ( maybe June because the due date is May 30th) On friday we go for the scan that hopefully will show us whether I will be a girl Nana or a boy nana. I have been longing for a girl grandbaby, this week that familiar old feeling of imagining a boy person has made me feel a bit weepy and awwwwwww. Whatever, I get to do all the fun stuff and none of the night time, what's the matter with it OMG what do I DOOOOOOO? stuff. Lovely.
Am going to bed, except I just got hiccups, ow, hurting hiccups..hate those sort, make you feel like you might puke. Am also very itchy tonight, poor H, no wonder he gets up just after I go to bed. HIC, scratch, snore, HIC!


Blogger Julie Q said...

Bittersweet isn't it Helen? I so miss my boy this year! :( And your boy is so much younger.

Very exciting finding out boy or girl! :) I shall think pink for you, but yes, little boys are fun too! :)

4:06 am  
Blogger TN said...

I'm going to think "pink" too! But I love little boys as much. I guess my days are over, yearning for a granddaughter. My daughter is getting past the childbearing age and my son is never going to get married. He said to me yesterday, "Remind me to never get married"! I think he had a reason. He heard his Dad and me having words over medicine! B. waited until 6:00 PM to tell me he needed some medicine from the drug store. And it isn't like it's next door! MEN!!!!!

1:17 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Thinking pink here, too! I can't wait til you post about it! Of course, the little one could always be a stubborn one and not show anyone! So, more than anything, I will hope that he/she cooperates so all of you can know boy or girl!

What a big boy Eli has become! Sounds like he has taken right to school and the new, all day schedule!

3:49 pm  
Anonymous Leah said...

I am so proud of our Big boy, but Helen your right it's time for the pink stuff to come out.

Eli, Auntie Leah loves you sooooooooo much and so proud that you love school.


11:47 pm  

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