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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I say!

I actually, out loud, in public, said that today, I said " I say, well done!" Which is quaint in a black and white movie, a bit stupid in the middle of Asda.
I went to hand in a prescription, it was nearly 7pm and I felt that they were about to close, so when I asked what time they shut and the pharmacist said "midnight tonight" I was so excited and impressed I said that, quite loudly.
I think I think about this blog too much, I try and write in as English and correct manner and so at times I probably sound a bit posher than I do in real life ( although I must say my mum always insisted we speak nicely and one employer I had said very often that I would be at home in any circumstance and wouldn't shame myself in front of the queen, so there)
I find I have been particularly grumpy about my skin this week, when the doctor told me that it was all in my head, that I have become so good at ignoring any sad feelings and pushing away any worries that the stress and anxiety have just pushed their way through my skin as if to say " LOOK! All is NOT well, she won't twitch and tear her hair out or run naked through the outdoor market on a wednesday, so we will make sure the world knows she is actually quite mad and STRIPE!" Well when she said that, I felt so sure that I would be able to say " be gone" and it would...and I did and it hasn't.
I feel better though, that's a good thing. I am laughing more, very good thing, want to get out and do more, marvellous thing, was sunny today, glorious thing.
I became a car body work mending person today. Lovely freecycle car that costs threepence ha'penny to run, all black and shiny mysteriously developed scratchy type stripes down it's side, imagine that! In sympathy for me perhaps, to make me feel less self conscious? Or, could be where it took me a while to learn the width of the car vs the width of tiny parking space outside new house? Ouch.
Well, on monday ( which was yesterday but seems so long ago already) I bought some nifty yet inexpensive car seat covers to cover the very ugly, worn and stained ( not by me or mine) seats that make me cringe, oh how splendid shiny car looks, shame about stripy scratches, what to do. Well I want to Halfords and bought a little sanding block and some shiny gloss black spray paint and VOILA, lovely unstriped car, looks all new and loved again. Also bought a cup holder. I think I shall not call the queen my cousin because, car is a bit unembarrassing ( apart from the one bit of dash board that was unstuck and curly, so H screwed bloody great screws in it to keep it down, am so common and lower class ) I almost don't mind getting in it now. It smells of vanilla and shiny now, instead of old people and dust. I love having a radio, find myself enjoying the chat rather than the music which reminds me of my age and impending grandmotherhood, if there is an unusual rattle or grinding noise, I simply turn up the radio, problem solved, I knew I should have bought a radio for the crapheap Previa, would have saved a fortune in repairs, I heard every sound in that old jalloppy and would insist in getting it mended. How foolish I was back in the day.
I am liking Facebook more and more, H was feverishly working on something last night, leaned over his laptop and brow furrowed in concentration
"What you doing over there? " I asked
" Hmmmmm, I just know Alma the younger had a brother, I'm trying to locate him"
"FACEBOOK!" I told him " you can find any bugger on that thing, it's fabulous!"
That got a grin, even from H, he muttered something about what would happen to the universe should he ever stoop to setting up such a thing, I replied that I certainly wouldn't want to be around in the event because really, H and Facebook?
However, facebook has found me a very best friend from years and years ago, really, I was young and thought I was fat then, positively anorexic in comparison to the size of me now, oh to have that body back!
I have moved so often that we just lost touch, she and I were such friends and when the first one left she was one of the first people I called. She used to make me laugh when others would fail, anyway, last night I searched for her daughter ( after trying to find her unsuccessfully) and found a beautiful girl, right name and although she is ( of course) 19 years older, she looked so familiar, so I sent a message and glory be, it's her. I have a phone number and will call tomorrow ( I tried to email but it just kept coming back, don't you hate that? Now I will have to call a hope she can't hear how fat and old I am!) So facebook and I are friends for life. I still don't really understand it and before I worked out how to stop the plethora of emails telling me I had another post on my wall, I thought it would drive me round the bend and back. How many times can you get the same video clip, the same not very funny joke that you must pass on or accept dire consequences, before you start tearing your hair out and longing for the days of writing a letter and having to wait 2 weeks before you got a reply?
Seth has chosen his career, he says he is going to be a P.E teacher, which I can really quite imagine, we were talking and I told him some of the things he will need to know to teach sports etc, I am going to sit and watch to see is he starts looking up anatomy and nutrition etc. I can just picture him starting college having already memorised everything he needs to know!
We were in the car talking about this new ambition and Eli piped up
"Yeth! And when I drow up I will be a dirl, and wear a stirt and be called Gabriella!"
Seth told him that he was a boy, that's that, he will be a boy now and when he grows up he can't be a girl because he is a boy. A boy.
"Well, I will duss change my mind. Nat's O-tay, I am a boy now and when I drow up I will change my mind and be a dirl. Shut up Seff."
Oh dear.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gabriella!! Love the name. Oh Seff, just let him be. :)


12:08 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

I have never even ventured to Facebook. I might go and check it out sometime.

I can just hear Eli talking as I read your blog..i love how you write it just as he says it! At least he has chosen a beautiful name! He may never believe this story though, when he gets older.

4:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the name Gabriella too. Oh Helen, he is going to be such an interesting child. You should be proud that he will be what he wants no matter what anyone else thinks. He is so adorable!

9:42 am  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Ah a kindred spirit. Chloe's desperate to be a boy. Quite certain she'll be one when she grows up too. Hasn't picked a name for himself yet tho...

12:53 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Ah, Facebook. I tried not to get addicted, but the emails kept drawing me back! And now I'm hooked. No one has found me, but that's ok! :)

Loved the boys conversation, thanks for sharing it! :)

2:52 pm  

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