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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you gaze at your bald head?

This is my absolutely favourite song in the world. Isaac has it in the iPod and every day when I am in the kitchen and it plays, no matter what mood I am in, it cracks me up, we completely lose it.Every time.
I looked it up on You tube because I wanted it here, to share... and then I learned the full story.
I just love the laughing and assumed it was over that background singer who is warbling so beautifully. It turns out that she didn't help matters but initially he started to laugh when a man, in the front row, lost his wig/toupee...which is why he sang " do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair?" Then he just lost it. He had the most glorious and infectious laugh didn't he?
I am beginning to love Elvis as much as Isaac does.

Enjoy.....laughter is the best medicine isn't it?

Talking of laughter..this was our morning. This is the email I sent to the secretary at Isaac and Seth's school ( she is a friend so I won't appear totally insane, I kne she would love it!)

Dear Donna, this is just so that you people, safely tucked in the office at school, coming up with great ideas like non-uniform day and sports relief day and then doing them ON THE SAME DAY will have some idea what it can be like for some people, like me, with children like mine. 2 of them.

Today is non-uniform day at school. FUN! Or is it? What...not wear my uniform that is school wear, that I wear every day and feels safe and happy?? Truly? Oh..argh....OK then if it's what we must do but I must wear THESE clothes, only THESE clothes, these clothes are OK to wear to school ( do you really know for sure I don't wear my uniform, can I wear it anyway, who said it would be fun NOT to wear it.....argh OK but THESE clothes!)'s the kicker, it is Sports relief day too.
For sports relief we must bring clean clothes because when we run around the field to raise cash for ...for who? Who are we raising money for?
Who cares just get your darn clothes ready...we may get muddy so we need extra clothes for running in. ( and for heavens sake don't mention taking 2 spare carrier bags to put shoes and clothes in if they get muddy, 2 bags? Way too confusing)
Isaac is purple with the worry of it all, he has got changed so many times already.. NON uniform day THESE clothes, oh NO Sports relief THESE clothes...but it's non uniform day all day THESE clothes and then THESE clothes for the run....but if I wear THESE running clothes and then they get muddy I can just put THESE clothes on, .... but I need THESE clothes for assembly because assembly isn't anything to do with sports relief is it? What if I am wearing my sports relief clothes and we have assembly WHAT THEN?? THE SKY WILL FALL IN THAT'S WHAT!!! The earth will simply stop being.
I am gritting my teeth and saying stupid things like " It's all fine Isaac, you can CHOOSE what to wear but just do it already and enjoy it, it is FUN!!!"
Then we have Seth, Mr must have everything perfect.
" Is it Sports relief or non -uniform day? WHICH ???"
How can it be? They are 2 different things they need their own day, show me the letter, we had TWO letters, it can't be all on one day....what should I do? What should I do? I think you are wrong, I should wear my uniform and take running clothes because TWO DIFFERENT THINGS ON ONE DAY? I think it can't happen.. which is it? Which day is it?
I know, it's Mummy loves Elijah best day, Elijah who just got dressed and said " Cool, I luv neeze cloves, diss shirt looks like a dress, don't tuck it in. I want to wear a dress." Because he may be a flippin' great flossy but he is not autistic and it is FUN!
Love Helen who is going back to bed for a well deserved rest.

She replied to say she was showing the head master, actions must be taken to protect parents such as me!



Blogger LosingSanity said...

OH how funny! Hope you head has finally stopped spinning from the morning!

2:49 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

I love knowing that I'm not the only one who deals with such things! I sure wish my kids had uniforms though,Would make life so much simpler!
Love Eli and his great enthusiasm for everything!
Your note was rather amusing, and memorable - I think that should help them learn not to schedule 2 non-uniform events on the same day!!!

7:14 pm  

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