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Sunday, August 17, 2008

In the words of Elijah...

"Daddy's fluffy bits have gone!"
My H is back with his glorious smooth face, no whiskers sideburns, beard or any sign of facial hair. He looks 10 years younger and I have scarcely been able to stop looking at him all day.
He had valid reasons for growing them and now they are gone, amazing how that communication thing works, who'd have thought? Talking huh? Wow.

I have a whole slew of bitty bits to talk about and am not at all sure that any of them are interesting...hey ho, nothing ventured nothing gained though!
I absolutely meant to tell the whole story of the beach the other day but got myself dragged down the I am insane and you'll never guess what is in my head I am sane and able to laugh about the little things again.
While we were eating our chips on Dawlish wall the other day, such excitement! There was a carnival on and so many people, lots of activities and hustle and bustle. Suddenly there were sirens and more sirens and flashing lights ! Police cars....ooooooooh where are they ? Wow headed right for us. No kidding RIGHT FOR US and the wall. Screeching of brakes and still the car, probably the driver overcome with such adrenalin ( this is Devon, you grab the adrenalin where you can!) kept driving, he was going to get that baddie and catch his ass...he drove down the steps....such a hero. Ha!
The next car, perhaps driven by a more mature and seasoned Devonian ( yeah, be there d'reckly, hold onto the bugger while I get there will you?) well this car stopped at the top of the steps, because well, you would wouldn't you?


Now this is where I let you down and I apologise because any good blogger would have waited ( and part of me longed to) to see how the driver of this car...


Got it back UP those few steps, because although they aren't terribly steep, nor too many in number.....I can guarantee that it was not as easy to get back up, as getting down ( which made the very devil of a banging noise!)
I did a quick check and for all I could see, there were very solid, in the ground, not movable bollards placed so that no joy riding hellions could ever drive down and create havoc on the sea front, I suspect there must have been a plan B for over zealous police drivers because the car was gone when we walked back that way.
I was impressed by the crowd that gathered with the police cars and the complete unashamed rubber necking that went on...
"Hey! Wassgoin'on? Hurry up, we gotta get and see what is it....come ON!"
We, I must add, were the epitome of cool and took the chance to go the opposite direction and nab a space on the emptier beach that was blissfully free of criminals and ne'er do wells.
There, I feel I have done my duty as a blogger now, you are all updated on the facts and I even included pictures. My job here is done for another day, now I am going to sit with my smooth faced husband and kiss him a bit until Sophie she has done every single evening this week, having been visiting Jordan and Mel and not drinking or mixing with loud and uncouth people. She cleared her room today, Jordan and Mel have our table and chairs, did I mention that H's sideburns have gone? I did? Good heavens, if it isn't all working out marvellously.
Hallelujah indeed.



Blogger Cathy said...

Thanks for the pics of the police car but any good blogger would know that your readers want and need pictures of H's clean shavin face!
You keep us coming back for more!

12:12 am  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

Thank heavens for clean shaven faces! :) So happy for you!

Love & mist you!

1:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I was thinking what CATHY was thinking....I need to see that clean shaven face :)

3:26 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

The beach pics are great Helen! :)

Been around, but busy with the puppy too! :)

9:49 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

Ahhhh I so wish my hubby would shave off his beard again. He had it off for a couple weeks, it was glorious! :(

11:11 am  

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