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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

I loved November the 5th when I was little, such a treat to head out in the cold and watch fireworks, have baked potatoes, hotdogs, hot chocolate, feel the heat from the bonfire and watch the Guy burning.
When my big kids were little we lived first in a house right at the top of a hill, in a big city ..oh it was wonderful we would open the curtains, turn out the lights and watch a firework spectacular every year, without being freezing cold!
Then we lived in a house immediately opposite a field where the annual bonfire and firework display was held, so we'd sit out on the square outside and get ringside seats without having to pay an entry fee, we shared hot chocolate with neighbours and no journey home when it was all over.
Then we moved to America, where things are done so HUGELY and MAGNIFICENTLY, we would head out to Wilson Park in LA every year and watch hour after hour of truly splendid fireworks, thousands of people and all in the midst of sunny weather. Suddenly our little pop pop, oooooh ahhhhh deals were sad and somewhat pathetic. Luckily for me, the boys have always been scared of fireworks so we had no cause to stand in the cold and feel depressed by piddling little displays. This year though, there was excitement and requests to see the bonfire and fireworks and CAN WE? CAN WE PLEEEEEEEASE????
Jordan came to the rescue as he planned to have a few little unbanging fireworks, hot dogs and pop....he took the boys to a friends house and by 8 o'clock they were home all weary and partied out . That's good isn't it? A huge bonus to having big children and little children who love each other, I love that Dan and Jordan take the boys out and do many things that I find tougher now I am older. This whole being a parent to young children when most people have left all that behind, is a double edged sword, I am much more patient with things that drove me crazy with the big kids, first time around but much less inclined towards the spontaneous fun I revelled in in my 20's. I feel bad that I don't want to stand in the cold and watch fireworks these days, I feel bad even though they DID get to see fireworks and even though actually, they got bored very quickly and I got a call to go and pick them up! Isaac was particularly unimpressed and was I'm told, very rude. He said things like " this is rubbish and boring and I don't want to look at it anymore" and when I went to collect him he would not say thankyou to the host because, well he'd been bored, hadn't had fun..what's to be grateful for?
We had a discussion about good manners and how lucky he was that he had the chance to go and see fireworks and whether or not he actually enjoyed that experience he should say thankyou. He knows that next time, Jordan won't take him and he will have to stay behind...and he appears not to give a rat's tiny bottom.
H is getting onto my healthy eating bandwagon ( although slightly less rigid, jelly and squirty cream eating heathen that he is) I usually hate to assume anything where H is concerned but he keeps saying things that make me believe he is quite pleased with how I am doing, if I mention being disheartened with the strict regime he very quickly points out the huge change in me since I began, not weight loss alone ( that is really pretty slow but steady, it will be a while yet before it is truly noticeable to anyone but me) but my general state of mind, my enthusiasm for things, and the rapid disappearance of insomnia ( which is actually a loss to me, I liked all that time I had to myself.) These days I am almost useless after 11pm or so, what's with that??
Seth is very sweet and surprisingly for him he is very quick to comment on the good things he sees, he has noticed my arms are thinner, he says he sees a big difference in my weight....he is my cheer leading boy!
It's great to have H eat the same foods as me, makes mealtimes easier for sure. I am stunned that he is really enjoying all the vegetable based meals, happy to leave meat behind for a while, he loves fish and is happy with vegetable curries, lasagne, soups. When I use meat I supplement half the meat with veggies, especially mushrooms, we are eating vegetables we rarely used before, some we never ate. I google recipes and try them out, only one or two have been revolting, the rest have been great.
There is an unfortunate side effect of so many vegetables and beans though..yes, old farty arse has come to stay. Also, peeing, so much peeing, all that water and more water.....what can I say? I look at the trips up and down stairs as exercise because I still don't seem to have been blessed with a longing to fling my still overweight and weary body around in a fit of action. Will that come do you think? We can but hope!
Well, lookie here, another day done, my eyes are heavy and I am about ready to sleep ( not even 11.30, lightweight!)
4 weeks and Sophie and I will be on our way, headed to Boston and I am so ready! Is Boston ready I wonder?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol "a rat's tiny bottom".

10:51 am  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...


Um, I made some 'energy bark' the other day that has flax seed & wheat germ and I had the farty old arse too! Why do the good things have to end on such a smelly old note anyway???!!!

5:33 pm  
Blogger Beanhead said...

Oh helen. You posts always have a way of cracking me up.

I am so excited for you and Sophie to head to Boston. Perhaps one day I could meet you as well.


1:10 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

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4:17 am  

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