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Friday, October 31, 2008


Would love to stop and chat but am having a party tomorrow ( today, it's already today!) I think an awful lot of people are coming, I love that we get so many people turn up and each year the word gets out that it was fun and so the next year we get more people come, wonderful, maybe next year we will hire a mansion!
H has cleared Seths room, completely, empty and we have turned that into a safe and far away from the front room place for lively and sugar filled small people to go and be loud and hyper.
The front room is orange and pumpkinny and shall be a lovely place to be. The huge inflatable pumpkins filled with candy and juice boxes will be in the front room, so we can monitor what certain small people ( who shall remain nameless) shove into their precious mouths.
I have no idea where the pinata is going and please PLEASE let tomorrow night be dry so we can hang doughnuts from string and let people eat them covered in cream with hands tied behind backs OUTSIDE because they DEMAND to be able to do that. We aim to please.
Someone today asked if there was a prize for the best costume....hmm, that would be nice but oh to have to disappoint the losers..couldn't do it.

I feel mean because I really don't enjoy the help of my sweet children when trying to prepare for these things, it always ends in tears ( mine) like today, we were working on Seth's room ( graveyard) and blowing up stacks of balloons...which hyper kids can throw and kick and pop if they like) to leave in there, and guess what? My hyper kids were throwing and kicking ( though not popping, oh such small mercies) so WHY did I feel so cross that they were doing this? Because it's not tomorrow yet is it? IS IT? Is it time for FUN YET? No! And the help...such a word isn't it? Because really, can 3 little boys of 5, 7 and 8 be of any help, if we're being honest? No, not a bit, except when they actually DO what is asked of them, they can be helpful little gophers, when not whining that THEY did it last time and it's HIS turn now and WHY is it ALWAYS ME??? Oh what memories we shall have.
I am hoping my 6' 5" boy will be here in the morning to hang all the ceiling things, the ghosties and bats and trailing curtains. Now kids like THAT are indeed worth hanging onto but by then they almost always live somewhere else, typical isn't it?
So, I am busy. H went to bed and said " this time tomorrow it will be all over" Indeed.
The best bit? He always clears up. Now he really IS helpful.



Blogger Cathy said...

Pictures right? You will take lots and lots of pictures? Oh and video? So we can hear you fabulous accent.
Oh, can you also sing while video tapping? Rumor has it you have a wonderful singing voice.
Wonder what your voice sounds like when you yell at little boys kicking balloons around..hmmm

2:04 am  
Blogger Erin~Leigh said...

oh yes definitly pictures...sounds like it will be a great time!

5:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish we could be there!

9:45 am  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

Oh yes, pictures for sure...and a video with you singing in the background would be absolutely divine! That Cathy is so darn smart!

Wish I was there to see it all in person. L&M you! xoxoxox

8:20 pm  

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