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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And on saturday..

There was peace for a whole 2 hours, during which I slept.
I got up at 6am ( what is going on with the 6am waking up? ) and I went right out to Asda ( well not right out, I did get dressed, tempting though it was to go in my Jamas) I went to buy fresh cranberries, posh marmalade and walnuts. I made quite the most delicious cranberry sauce, recipe from Lacey. Honestly I don't think I will ever be able to buy a jar of the shop bought gloop again, this stuff is so divine I can't wait for Christmas eve to try it with the Turkey.
I made Oreo truffles, which are glorious and so rich that eating more than 2 is likely to send you to the sofa to curl up in a ball and promise to only ever eat one next time.
I made vegetable soup ( somewhat begrudgingly, truth be told and H and grandpa have taken to eating it every day for lunch which means I am making it every other day instead of twice a week if there isn't anything else to do!)
I put together some pretty boxes and put the truffles and homemade chocolates in them.
It was, by this time 10am!
H and grandpa took the boys to the movies, oh sweet joy, they were gone 2 hours and I had a glorious nap, naps are the very best thing ever, I wish I slept that kind of sleep at night, why is afternoon sleep so different to night time sleep? Also, how is it that I sleep with H who doesn't move, honestly I don't think I have ever seen him turn, fidget ( oh I did one night and I was ready to push the pillow over his head, he laughed ..hard because I actually yelled at him, it was so bizarre that he was just twitching like he was wired up and getting zapped every .05 of a second, CUT THAT OUT!)
Anyway, he sleeps so still, on his back ( which never looks comfy to me does it to you?) so how is it that somehow, in his non moving sleep, every single night he scrunches the duvet up, inside the cover, so the cover is where it should be, the duvet inside is twisted, bunched up, lumped together. HOW DOES HE DO THAT?
Before you say anything, it is definitely him doing it, I make that bed every morning, he will have a nap....screwed up, lopsided, scrunchy up inside duvet. I remake it, if I take a nap.....still everything as it should be...he goes to bed, by the time I get in there it's every (wo)man to herself. I grab one corner and I tuck it under my right arm and I sleep hanging on to that little bit of quilt all night.
I'm not even going to try and make this post make any sense, my thoughts are all over the place tonight so it's hang onto the seat of your pants and try to keep up. Please.
Yesterday, on our traumatic trip to a lovely garden centre, the plan was to see if Santa was there. Well it would seem Santa has gone part time and even if he HAD been there, those boys weren't about to go and see him, they were really, really horrible.
At bath time we were talking about Santa and how we would go on Monday.
Seth. " yes, I want to tell him that I want a Liverpool football club goalies kit"
ME. " Oh have never in your life said you want a LFC kit, you told me you wanted a San Diego Chargers kit"
Seth. "well, he's not likely to even know who they are is he?"
Me "Of COURSE! He travels the world, he knows everything"
Seth " No he doesn't, he is FAKE!"

I think the world stood still for a second or 12.
Isaac's eyes almost bugged out of his head and quick as a flash I did that quick in draw of breath whilst making the AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sound.
"COAL!!!! Seth is going to get a lump of COAL!"
Isaac thought this was just about the coolest thing and laughed so hard he coughed half a lung up and Seth....
" Oh, um I mean THAT one is fake, that one at that shop is fake, not the REAL one, the REAL one isn't fake and I didn't mean the REAL one, just THAT one is fake"
I have no idea whether he knows or not that Santa, though very real and knowledgeable, isn't quite as he has been led to believe or if he really did mean that this particular Santa is fake.
I know that Eli was almost paralysed with fear at the very mention of the authenticity of Father Christmas. I absolutely and completely am melted by the face of a little person when they belive in Santa and magic, the huge eyes, the sparkle, the holding of breath and the incredible joy. I am trying to hold onto every moment this year because it is sure to stop sooner than I can stand to imagine.
The boys and I drove around town and delivered the oreo truffles, cranberry sauce and home made chocolates this evening, I want them to be givers as well as wait for the presents they are excited about. When we get home I asked them how they felt as they gave the gifts.....they agreed that it was fun and felt good and I continued by saying how giving is even better than receiving. I so wish I could capture the expression on Seth's face. He has a rubber face and it's like an open book, his face told me that he may not be convinced that giving is better than receiving!
It's 1.30, I am tired at last and ready to go and join H in the scrumpled up twisted quilt bed.
Today was a lovely day. 5 Sleeps til Christmas day. Splendid!

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Blogger Cathy said...

Well, I caved. All this talk about oreo ball I just had to try them. They are actually in the fridge cooling off waiting for their dip in the chocolate!
I hope to only have 1 and if I don't I will curl into a ball and promise myself that next time I will only have one! ;)

Love you more then Oreo balls!

1:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how you said your thoughts are all over the place. That is how my brain is ALL the time.
I may just have to make those truffles. I have been contemplating them since you mentioned it. Cream chees and Oreos sounds so divine. Just the idea of going to the grocery makes me tired though.

12:08 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

i am so loving the magic of christmas this year. It is the first year where they both have an understanding of what the fat man in red does. i am so excited that they arent scared to see him this year.

2:35 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Ah Seth.....I love him. I let Chris read the Seth stories and we both laugh because he IS a British version of Duncan in nearly every way.
My thoughts are random too - as are my commnts.
Potato soup.
Dancing snowman.
Tired? - why yes I am....

5:15 am  

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