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Friday, December 19, 2008

Sometimes, only a big stick will do it.

What a day. It all started so early.....

I think I awoke around six
And I figured it out right away
That this wasn't starting out as I'd like it
And was likely to be a bad day.

The noise was a decibel higher
The mess was a sight to behold,
On seeing the total destruction
I felt so incredibly old.

"He's kicking me!" one of them shouted,
"Well, he SMILED at me !" the reply
I was quite in a quandary, I tell you
As to whether to laugh, or to cry.

I tried taking them out for a breather
And we entered a store, for a bit,
But it took only a moment to figure
That Seth was an absolute git.

I say it was Seth, but be truthful
It was all of them really, the same
They were all just incredibly horrid
And I bellowed and yelled every name.

I brought them back home and I threatened,
I told them for sure that they would,
Be so grounded and stuck in this hovel
Unless they began to be good.

Well a miracle happened quite quickly
They shut their loud mouths, thank the Lord
I was able to like them again for a while
And not chop off their heads with a sword. ( work with me on this will you, how many words rhyme with Lord? )

Well, we went to the park, that is near us.
That is usually quite a good trick
And it worked, they were really quite splendid
Because Isaac, he found a BIG stick.


"Oh" he declared when he found it,
"this is great and my feelings are rife,
I can honestly say without lying,
This is the very best fun of my LIFE"



Elijah was giddy with freedom,
He was running without too much grace,
He was having such fun and excitement,
I think that it shows in his face.



Seth, as is usual was playing
With a ball and was kicking it high
He has quite a strong kick and I noticed
That it almost reached up to the sky!

( where'd it go?)


We thought we would go to the water
To see swans and then maybe, a duck
Cousin Lauren was there with some bread bits
Wasn't that quite incredible luck?

Isaac felt brave and was cocky
He flung bread at the birds ..what a laugh!
Til they swooped in a flock and came at him
Then he ran and he ran, up the path!




We abandoned the birds, being clever.
But we stayed with the water and dog ( cousin Laurens! )
And bless him if Isaac discovered
An enormous and slippery log.




That sucker was heavy I tell you,
He was proud and then quick as a flash
He carried it right to the deep bit
And threw that thing in, with a SPLASH!


I am happy to tell you, by bedtime
They were lovely and peaceful and then....
It was good to feel pleased that I have them
Cause tomorrow I must do it again!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I flat love it when you do this! And yeah, not many choices for 'Lord', lol. :)

Great pictures, great memories!


9:27 am  
Blogger The other me said...

Teresa...I can't bear it that your blog disappeared!

9:51 am  
Blogger sarah said...

very cute! glad your day got better. such handsome little men you have :)

1:19 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

You have talent! Every thought about starting a blog ;)

Love ya!

1:31 pm  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

I think boys, in particular, just need to run around sometimes. Their brains get addled when they are left to sit and stew for too long!
I know for certain my little boys would be in love with yours! Such fun stuff :)) Maybe someday...

2:22 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Oh you and Julie are rhyming geniuses.....


12:31 am  

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