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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'll huff and I'll puff.......

I think, dare I say it that I am all done for Christmas, I am so excited because we have so many exciting gifts to give, not one of them has left us worrying about paying for it, I cannot wait until I see the faces of my family as they open their presents.
Isaac has a bow tie, he is longing for a bow tie, one that he has to tie himself, he has downloaded instruction on how to tie a bow tie, he wants to wear it and be grand. On the subject of downloading applications for the iPod, I was disturbed to see many downloads, the money comes from my account and H always lets me know if he is going to order anything from iTunes, because it is my paypal account I get the emails confirming the orders and the last few days there have been SO many, some free and some, most definitely not. I was feeling a bit miffed and spoke quietly to H saying " could you give me a heads up on all these iTune downloads because I really want to keep an eye on what is coming out of the account"
Baffled look.
"s'cuse me?"
"well, I know it isn't much in the grand scheme of things but today for instance £15...that adds up and there is all this extra expense right now"
Baffled look..then a dawning...
"uh oh...ISAAC!"
H was given another iPod touch while we were away, replaced by an iPhone, H was lucky enough to receive the now un- needed iPod touch, Isaac took one look at it and it has barely been out of his sweaty mitts since, he loves it. It seems he has learned how to download applications, accessing my account and obviously there isn't a password. I can't decide whether to be impressed or cross! He is now very clear on checking with H or me before he downloads any new applications. Little stinker.
While I was away H had dinner with my sister, when I got home he told me they played a game and he really wanted to find it and get it to play with the boys.
My turn to be gobsmacked..H and games? Wow...I had to find out more of this game.
He said that the boys were beyond hysterical while they played it, I managed to get it today ( actually my sister found it for me while shopping in a city a little way away.
Seth has a Chargers football kit, it doesn't matter to him that he will be the only kid in England to have one and in fact that may be the appeal! He will wear it til it drops off him I imagine.
Sophie has been helping me wrap everything and while we were wrapping the stocking gifts she said " Oh , well now I really know that you are's real and I won't be getting a stocking this year" So she will be getting one, filled with little things she loves.
I went shopping at 6.30 this morning, what a treat! Not a soul around, I had the choice of parking, no crowds, newly stacked shelves and apart from the fresh fruit and veggies I have now done all the shopping. It feels great to be ready, without any stress, no panicking and just excitement now to enjoy the few days of holiday.
We had a hiccup yesterday when mum gave me the treats she bought for the boys, she made a beautiful hamper of sweets for the family and a box of gifts all dated and named for the boys to open, one every day until Christmas day. Such excitement, such joy! Such tissue paper and fighting and THAT IS MINE ...I WANT WHAT HE HAS!!!!
Too much for H who declared in no uncertain terms that he wasn't about to deal with THAT every day for the next week, they would get the gifts on Christmas day and not a minute before. Uh oh.
I called him a pompous arse and told him to get over it ..and then I shut up.
When the boys went to bed I suggested that perhaps we could keep the gifts upstairs and when the boys were up, dressed, had breakfast and done a chore for the day, they could have their gift....that worked and the boys ( 2 of them!) were ready to play the game. Isaac grumbled and I told him that he didn't have to help out but he wouldn't be getting the gift until he did his chore. He did it. He got his gift.
Seth grumbled the whole time but he did it and was thrilled with his go go crazy bones. At bedtime they were asking what their chore was for tomorrow ( and trying to trade off because those 2 tiny bags of rubbish outside the bathroom that need bringing downstairs....they are SO heavy and Seth is really not very good at rubbish duties and pleeeeeeease can he have Isaac's chore of taking the cans to the recycling box?)
The poor tree is just getting hammered, it's fallen over twice now ( What? Just because Eli was RIGHT there both times, doesn't mean it was HIM!) I came home from the Drs today ( pap smear, what fun! ) and found H had 'fixed' it. With a great big plank of the front ( I know, should have pictures but some things? Can't somehow make myself take them!) the branches were just hanging and broken....I have now tied the branches with cotton and hidden the plank as much as I could. It looks better, the lights are back on it, not trailing all over the floor. It could be a long week!
I had my eyes tested today, my eyesight is much worse than before ( which I knew because guess what? I can't see as well! How funny that they think they are telling you something you don't know!) so I have beautiful new glasses to collect on saturday, because I have no vision in the center of my left eye, the optician took pictures of my eyes, the inside of my eyes...that was SO cool to see. He was checking for retinitis pigmentosa at the same time, no signs of that which is always a good thing to hear.
He showed me the pictures and explained what I was looking at, the scar on my left retina is so clear, due to an anurysm there is a big old black spot right in the middle. It hasn't changed for 30 years and I have become very used to 'flicking' my eyes back and forth to read whatever is at either side of the blind spot.
This past week I have been checked inside and out, top to bottom! Pretty good news too, my sugar levels are great..4, whatever that means! My cholesterol level is perfect, my eyes are getting old but glasses make that all good and dandy, my blood pressure is really great for the first time in a very long while. I feel pretty darned good about it all to be honest.
This was a tough week as far as sticking to the diet goes but I am back on track again thank goodness! Drinking water makes such a huge difference, I keep filling bottles and then the kids drink from them and do you back wash in a bottle with a sports lid? Ewww and gag.
I have set myself new goals and new things to look towards and I am sure they will help me keep going. I have no idea why sometimes are tougher than others, being tired is a bad thing, I was so tired with jetlag and having too much to do to nap or sleep properly, I feel better now and am excited again to lose more and change more about myself.

UH OH! I am sitting her and everyone is sleeping..and a whole new stack of iPod downloads just came through....maybe someone else is using our account? Wow £25 in 2 days that's a whole ton of games, there are at least 20 or more free ones as well. I have deleted my bank details and changed all the passwords so nothing else can go through but my goodness, I am pretty sure Isaac didn't order this many! I think he won't be getting his hands on the iPod tomorrow either.
I wouldn't know where to even begin to order anything from iTunes!
I would assume someone got into our account and did think that until I just remembered that I went to check on the boys at 10.30 and Isaac was still awake and because there is no school they can take the iPod and watch a movie, usually Isaac watches 10 minutes and crashes..tonight he was till up 2 and a half hours after going to bed! So,if it takes a while to process, it is entirely possible that even after having it explained to him that he must not download anything without checking with us, he still did and it went through just after 11pm.
Oh well now NO-ONE can order anything because I took off all my card details, it'll be iTune cards or nothing from now on. Bloody iTunes and iPods and anyway, what's wrong with a good book? Nothing, that's what!
This has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to write, in between cancelling cards and changing passwords, waking H up and listening to him huff and tut because now he can't get back to sleep, reading emails and signing into Facebook a gazillion times, anyone know what I have had to sign in every single time I want to see anything on FB today? Look at a comment, sign in, see a picture, oh look time out sign in again, try and reply and Sorry we have a problem please sign in again.....yelling at the laptop hasn't worked at all, it's all very irritating indeed!
I am off to do some huffing and tutting myself now, don't see why I can't join in, seems its the day for it. Still, there's always tomorrow!



Blogger Cathy said...

I think you need to start a tradition. No more "putting up" the tree. We shall all lay the tree down in the middle of the living room and decorate it! Save some ornaments from ever breaking!
I have noticed that mine is getting tired and is starting to lean to the right a bit. Matthew jumping up and down isn't helping the situation. Just waiting for the day when I find that my tree has lost hope and just took a nap!
Good job on getting healthy! I saw the difference when you were here and felt it as soon as I hugged you.
What? there isn't a Santa? What do you mean there isn't a Santa? Take that back!!

12:50 am  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I have been having the same issues with facebook. Congrats on the clean bill of health and I look forward to seeing you in your new specs!

Sarah and Chloe are ipod junkies too.. I'll post a pic tomorrow ;)

Love ya


2:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grats on the health check! Awesome!


3:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had issues with Facebook as well. I'm glad you have a nice clean bill of health. Ahhhh glasses. I wear mine all the time now. I hate it. Makes me feel old and unattractive to actually have to wear them to see for God's sake.

11:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry that the Ipod stuff keeps getting out. I hope that no one is on your acct.
Health-wise...well done.

3:37 pm  

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