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Thursday, November 27, 2008

One day, we'll laugh about that!

Oh my.......the day went so well today, I was organised and calm and it all came together so beautifully, shopping with Sophie, food all coming together in time, smelled glorious, looked fabulous, no rushing. We even had time for a quick trip to the reclaimation yard where I found, to my absolute delight a 5ft Singing and dancing Santa, still in the box, all wrapped up and working perfectly for a mere £20. Could the day be any better?
Dinner was set for 5.30 our guests called to say that it had all gone to pot and they weren't going to be able to make it, oh bum....H asked if they were sure and said how sad that was but hey! If there was a miracle and they could come, stop by and there's sure to be leftovers!
Oh, see now we're a bit flat and look at all this food and I KNOW! Julie! Call Julie and Berian and they can come and they are family so you can do that "hey the people we really wanted can't come so you'll do...there's food! Now..come NOW!" And they did. And it was good.
We ate and we ate some more and because it is Thanksgiving to hell with the kitchen and YES we WILL pile all that food not eaten in heaps on top of each other and be totally unaware that there are starving people in the world ( although stock and good meat was saved and refrigerated immediately because we have limits) but those roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes that no-one will want anyway, leave them there.
So , phew, stuffed and just getting that snoozy feeling, about 7.30..guess what! Go on!

Yes, our lovely friends arrived....HOORAY!
Oh HELLO! Oh I am so glad you made it ( shit, shit NOW what, quick, go and find food as if you saved it and .....OH NO!!!)
Then, in the kitchen, whilst doing that stupid jiggedy dancing thing where you almost stand in one spot but your whole body is going in 12 different directions in sheer panic because LOOK....lovely bacon and stuffing rolls in the BIN and potatoes all lovely with dirty dishes ontop....all we had was turkey, ham that wasn't successful when hot was totally unappetising cold ( will make a pie or something but couldn't put it on a plate right then)
Julie came out and was sort of whispering and bending down and whispering again" What will you DO? Um....get some potatoes and make chips ( no oil!) oh mash then, make some mash and there could be some, um ,er........oh what can you DO?) H came out and suggested a sandwich and that's a great idea as we always have beautiful crusty bread...not today, for the first time in probably 2 years or more we had 4 dinner rolls and more turkey. So our guests had 2 dinner rolls, sad little warmed up rolls with turkey. And pie, 3 slices of pie because we HAD pie cherry, apple and pumpkin( and then I learned that lovely man guest has diabetes so he gets a coma as a bonus prize probably right. about. now)
It could only be worse if someone at church at some time has given them my blog link and then they can read all about it and know how horrified I was that they did get here when I so clearly thought they wouldn't. Steve and Norma, I love you.....please come again and I will actually FEED you next time, real food, that is hot and maybe we will even have a real napkin instead of a bit of paper towel. Oh no it really WAS horrible and I know that somewhere I have napkins with turkeys on them and little wheatie things, real thanksgiving ones.
Good pies though and entertainment from 3 little boys on a sugar from cherry pie rush and Santa, who performed beautifully and I can tell you that we can even plug the iPod into Santa and he will sing with mouth moving and head turning, he even jiggles his arms....Isaac had him grooving to Johnny Cash and insists that he dances much better to him that those piddling christmas ditties, he likes to get on down does Santa. Isaac sat with Santa a lot today, he loves him and is very keen that he now go back in his box until it is nearly christmas because ' one of those others are going to BREAK him!'...Elijah ( can you imagine) actually did punch Santa in his fat belly to see what happened and what happened was Isaac told him that he was absolutely going to get a LUMP OF COAL NOW !! and Eli sat in a huddled heap in a corner and wept with remorse because he didn't MEAN it, it just happened and he is so SORRRRRRRRY!
So Santa is safely packed away, with his legs up his jacket and his head in a plastic bag. Phew.
When I am a little unsure if what to do...I talk. I can hear myself talk, my head is yelling at me to SHUT UP NOW! Naturally my mouth never listens to my head and so I talk and talk and just keep bloody talking.
The very best, most splendid part of an evening like this is when it ends, when you say goodbye in that overly cheerful voice and say how you must do it all again and how LOVELY! Then you shut the door and cringe a lot while you get your 'jamas on, while you cleanse your face and clean your teeth and then sit on the sofa next to your lovely husband of 9 years and you don't have to say a word, just hold his lovely hand and snigger every now and then and he knows what you are thinking.
I am so glad I married H, we talked about how freaky those first years were and how this was all so not our idea. I look at H now and I absolutely cannot imagine him joining an online singles site, nothing is futher away from his idea of a good plan! I did it because my mum asked me to, for one month, had a message from H the next day and was married to him within 5 months. We are both amazed that it happened and also laughed about how for at least 2 years we both stuck with it because we knew it was right....not sure why or how but we knew it and knew that it would work.
It really does work, as time goes by, I like him more. I have always loved him but I didn't know him for a long time, the more I know him, the more I like him and I am very happy to be his wife.
I am thankful for many things. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a day! I had to read your post to Mike, lol. Know what you mean about sometimes the best part is the end. :)

So did they know what Thanksgiving is or how it's celebrated or do they think you just get rolls and turkey? LOL.


1:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well they called and said they weren't coming last minute so what else could they have expected when they showed up anyway? Did you make them do dishes? I would have.

10:47 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

I'm not sure WHY you would be embarrassed - they cancelled last minute and then showed up and hour and a half late anyway. Not cool on their part.
I think you were more than gracious and ever the wonderful host.
Wonder what made them suddenly become available after all - makes you wonder what kind of fascinating and embarrassing tale they might have hidden away on a secret blog. Maybe it goes like this:
"We were invited to a lovely dinner and at 5:30, disaster struck as Steve was getting ready and had a horrible zipper malfunction on his trousers. We tried for several minutes to make that zipper release him as it had trapped him by the short and curlies, but to no avail - we were forced to cancel last minute. Fortunately, our gracious friends had left the offer open for leftovers, so when we finally beat the zipper after fighing for more than an hour - we were both famished, and since we'd had no time to prepare dinner ourselves - off we went to lovely Helens where we were treated to wonderful leftovers, and Steve nearly had to loosen his belt but then we thought it best not to, just in case another clothing malfunction was in the cards...."

11:02 pm  

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