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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh where oh where can he be?

Well, here we are, home all safe and sound. Most of us anyway. H is wandering the streets of London, perhaps with a knapsack on his bag ( folderee) Why is it that the simplest of things are so ridiculously arse over elbow?
Helen and Sophie come home......H catches bus to meet grandpa.....grandpa and H come home. How simple is that?
Not at all simple, it would seem.
Grandpa called and gave us his flight details, hooray! December 10th he will be here, 1.20ish, Terminal 3 ..(oh, OH NO! Terminal THREE! Ack, penny just dropped, will explain more later) OK, so I am about to write how he called and said that grandpa never got off the plane, Jerry Springer did but not grandpa. Hmm...bizarre.
I called around and discovered that grandpa flies on December 10th but guess what? He ARRIVES tomorrow. Bollocks.
So, oh well, get the bus home ( 5 hours) get some sleep and tomorrow we will either drive or he can get the bus back ( 5 hours) and meet his dad.
Right as the bus was due back and I was about to go and meet him, he called to say "hey , you know what? I think I will stay here, in fact I AM still here and will just hang out all night and wait for dad"
His neck is hurting, he has NO money ( well maybe enough for breakfast in the morning) but not a room at a B and B or something.
Of course he called from a payphone because H and phones don't mix, he doesn't answer phones and he doesn't make calls unless it is unavoidable. So when he said he loved me and would call tomorrow and then put the pay phone down, I had a brainwave and called Uncle Barry, he lives 40 mins away and said he would drive to the airport and find H, take him home and return him to the airport again tomorrow....only we couldn't call H to let him know, Barry went to the airport and saw the whole place empty, the restaurants closed, the desks were empty and eventually he managed to have a tannoy message calling H, by this time the place is deserted, no-one to be seen. No H, not a sign of him. In Terminal 5.....FIVE I sent Barry to 5 because H said he had been over there to check it out and was talking about how cool it is ( and I know because I was there, only today! Coincidence, life's hysterical isn't it.
Only as I began to type and 'terminal 3' tripped off the end of my fingers, did I realise that H is waiting at 3 and Barry was at 5...which is very far away from all the other terminals, it is all brand new and posh. All I can say is that I hope the airport hasn't turfed him out into the sub zero night and it stays open all night long.
I am exhausted I could crawl into my bed and sleep for a week but I can't even sit still because I am so worried about H (although less so now because I have a small hope that he is in terminal 3 all oblivious to the fact that he had a bed for the night and a ride in a warm car) Also, he is a grown man, he is not stupid and he CHOSE not to come home to save £32.
I am a tad miffed that it is perfectly acceptable for his wife to get buses and planes on her own but his dad must be escorted to the door...although again, I insist he goes to meet his dad ( not that it ever takes any amount of persuading) So, I am just cross because I am here and he is there ( where?!) and I want to sleep and can't because he might be horribly cold and miserable ( nudges self and says again HE CHOSE to do that!) it is one night, he can stay inside ( oh please!) and tomorrow he will come home to a clean, warm, tidy house. Something I did not do today. All I shall say on that matter is this, if anything happens to me? I am not sure what would happen to the rest of this family. I don't know what HAS been happening but oh my goodness I can see what HASN'T been happening, ( laundry, cleaning, shopping, bathing of children, tidying) I am overwhelmed for today and also reminding myself that I did not clean before I left . The good thing about feeling I am in for a long night is that I was feeling like I could never get any of this work done before grandpa arrived...already, in my state of imagining the very worst ( frozen corpse in back alley of Heathrow airport for starters, you know how it is) I have already done the laundry, dishes, bathed the boys, shopped and stocked the cupboards....amazing what a bit of panic can help you achieve.
The flight home was great, a mere 5 hours and 50 minutes, an hour of that spent sleeping off the miracle of relaxing drugs. Dan got us home from the airport by 9 am...perfect!
I am so happy to be home, I saw Eli in his Christmas play and his little face when he saw me there was priceless. Seth is happy to have me home and Isaac, bless his heart didn't even care that we were in the middle of the playground when he saw me waiting for him, he hugged and and held my hand and was like a little cat, leaning against me and rubbing his face on my arm.
I love my family, I so hope that my husband isn't turning into a human Popsicle as I sit here with heat blasting and comfy jamas on!
I had the best of times again in Boston, even better than last time I think. Such a lovely feeling to be with my friends and to watch how loved that girl of mine was. She was the center of it all, she basked in all the attention, she was a sweet and funny girl, loud as always and although I thought she went a little too far she was the girl I have been waiting to see for so many years.
She felt everything I wanted her to feel, she said what I hoped she would say and I am very hopeful that she has seen just how wonderful life can be when you put your mind to it. She said often that she had never known it was possible for her to be with so many people that were so kind and funny and for them to want her there, she felt so accepted and loved. She was spoiled and treated so beautifully, I took a back seat and watched her grow and love every minute of it.
She is going back, without me to spend time with Cathy ( and maybe George who is completely gorgeous and I think perfectly able to enjoy Sophie without being trampled in the process!) She has something to work for again and is very happy indeed.
We bought back a mountain of goodies, for the first time ever NONE of the bags were overweight, no charges incurred. Talking of being overweight, I am so proud to say that I pretty much stuck with the diet while I was away, I did eat 2 pretzels and shared a started with Cathy 2 nights, I ate salads, lean meat with no potatoes or carbs, I ate fruit and had slimfast for breakfast, I bought small snacks like mixed nuts at the airport....I did well, until today, can you believe it? Sticking with it all that time and then coming home and eating everything I try to avoid...I have eaten more bread today that I have for months. I have been shopping and now have veggies etc to make soup tomorrow. Onward and head up etc etc...... I will be weighed on Tuesday so that'll be interesting. I was miserable to see all the pictures that still show how much more work I have to do, I think I was kidding myself that I had made a huge difference in the months since my last trip to Boston but really, it's hard to see any change at all in the pictures...disheartening but also inspiring, must keep on keeping on!
I will try and write more tomorrow, so much to say but jet lag is kicking my head in and my poor weary brain is too worn out to think or make my fingers work.
I was so going to stay awake and will H warm and safe but these gitlets will be up in 5 hours, ready for another day and cross that daddy and grandpa aren't here! I hope terminal 3 isn't locked for the night and that H has found a comfy chair in a warm spot somewhere, my bed is as warm and comfy as can be, I am off to enjoy it!

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Blogger justLacey said...

So glad all is well (for the most part) and grandpa will be there soon. Also that Sophie had such a good time. What an amazing miracle she is.

10:54 am  
Blogger sarah said...

glad you guys made it home safe and sound. sounds like a wonderful time had by all. hope h is ok.

1:42 pm  

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