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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes, it's just not funny.

It's happened. I knew it would. Have been waiting for that final sign that I have lost it.
Today was the day.
Seth had an invite to his best friend's house for dinner. I agreed to go and pick him up at 6.30, no problem, I've been there a lot, Seth is friends with Lewis and Eli is friends with Lewis's sister Hannah, oh how he adores Hannah.
6.30 came around and I grabbed my purse and phone, got in the car, headed off, most of my driving around town is done on auto pilot, off I went and drove up the steep hill towards Lewis and Hannah's house, which is ...hmmmm, it's um, oh come ON, how many times have I been there? It's right....where the hell do they live? Is it even up this hill? Yes, I'm sure it is and then I turn....oh for goodness sake, what now? I can hardly call Louisa and say, "Oh HI! On my way, funny thing, have totally forgotten where you live! I know! Hysterical! " Next idea, call H..." Hi, it's me, this isn't even funny and I'm not kidding but I am half way up this hill and I have no idea where they live, don't laugh.... oh, of COURSE! I knew that because look I am almost there! Bye"
Got to the house and of course started to doubt myself " yeah, right, now knock on the door and find a total stranger there. Stop, this IS the house, look Louisa's car! Or is it? Pretty ordinary and popular car, might just look like Louisa's. Enough, knock on the damn door already!"
Oh, LOUISA!! ( may I kiss you? Perhaps not! Stroke your hair?? That would make you uncomfortable? Let me just hug you REALLY tight because I am so happy to see you!") Hi! how's he been? Oh good, thank you for having him!
And then of course I TOLD her how I forgot where she lived because how HYSTERICAL is that ( and also, should I be foolish enough to offer to have her children during the summer hols, you think she'll let me? Score! )
Off we went, picked up some milk, went through the car wash, drove home.
I was a bit weepy about forgetting something so basic, it's not the first time, when I was pregnant with Seth, I went to register with the Dr and was filling in paperwork, the receptionist called over to me ...Mrs W! Can you give me your address?
Mrs W?
Yes, of course, it's errrrr.
H was there, he told her, pregnancy does weird things to you. I got worse with Isaac's pregnancy, Eli sucked just about the last teeny scraps of functioning brain cells out of me, I accept that. All funny stuff. Ha!
Anyway, I was quiet when I got home and I went upstairs to change, lovely baggy sweats, comfy clothing, safe trousers.......that's better, jeans off, go down and watch TV, relax, chill out.
I got downstairs and went to go into the front room when I realised I FORGOT MY TROUSERS!
All is well, that made me laugh, whistling belly laugh, all on my own in the hallway, up the stairs, into the bedroom, putting on trousers, back downstairs.....sometimes it's just not funny and other times it is so hilarious I could pee my pants. If I had any on that is.



Blogger noname said...

Too funny! I went to sign in to work one day and after my manager saw me holding the pen but not writing anything, he asked what was wrong.

I had misspelled my own name and was trying to figure out why it looked wrong.


11:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happens to me all the time. I don't find it funny either, mostly scary that my mind is slipping. I read it happens a lot during menopause so I am hoping maybe that is all it is?

10:24 am  
Blogger Jenn said...




Wait - what was so funny again??

2:40 pm  
Blogger Jackie said...

At least you have six kids to blame it on. I have 2 and got lost going to the dump which is all of 3 miles from our house, 3 turns and you're there. Had to go almost all the way back home and start over before I remembered where it was. (Oh how I wish my cell phone worked out here!)
At any rate...I laughed about your pants though...sorry :)

5:59 pm  

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