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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A trip with the 8-12 age group from church, to kayak, a new experience.

Seth, as usual was confident and I was not...."Hello!!!" I said from way over the side, where no-one heard me. " Um, EXCUSE ME! He can't actually swim and he hasn't done this before, er.....oh, too late" He got in, pushed off and he just did it. On his own.

Isaac was so thrilled that he turned 8 just the day before this momentous and long awaited activity, he was so excited.
This picture makes my stomach flip, he is incredibly beautiful in real life, so much so, that quite often, people stop in their tracks and sort of sigh and then they tell him how beautiful he is. This picture almost captures just how glorious he is, almost.

He was so excited that he took his shoes off and even his socks and walked on the actual ground.

And so did H. Goodness me, what a day this was. Bare feet indeed.

Seth, even in his excitement, was kind to Elijah who was too young to join in.
Eli was patient and watched and waited, he is excited for us to go back as a family so he can go in a boat too.

Seth, well, he took to it like a duck to water and he loved every single moment.

Yes that's him...right over there, my zoom was as zoomed as it will go, he was a way away....

But he came back ( and went again and came back and went again.....)
He rowed along side daddy and Isaac's boat and he hung on, took a ride....

He was a speedy and fabulous kayak-er

It was busy out there.

It was a splendid and happy time.

The boys and H have been going for bike rides every day, 3-4 hours of bike trails, home for lunch, a rest and then out again....this boating was at 4-5.30 this evening and when they were done, we had time to drive through Mac Donalds and eat before H had to leave to take the youth from church to the beach to play baseball / rounders / hit a ball and run all over the place.
I think he might have felt every one of his 50 years when he went to bed at 10. He is a good man, an exhausted one but he's pretty darn glorious.



Blogger Colleen said...

Helen - your boys never cease to amaze me! Love them to pieces . .handsome devils they are! Love the bare feet picture - what an amazing thing.

12:00 am  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...


3:18 am  
Blogger Cathy said...

although I saw the pictures on your FB and commented on them, wanted to at least leave a comment here as well so you don't think "oh look at that Cathy, I see she came, she read, and she left. Those New Englanders are so bloody rude"

Love you, Old Englander!!

ps...don't forget to charge your phone and keep it by your side at all times over the weekend. Will be calling you and singing to you...Crap, maybe I shouldn't of told you won't answer cause who the heck would want to hear all of us sing?

1:10 am  

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