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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On not being 47, yet.

Whew, if that wasn't just the thing to stop me being miserable about turning 47!
For years I haven't really given my birthday much thought ( or have I? Might have to check back to last year to see if I was whining about it then) I am in a sort of neither here nor there phase in life, why, it's sort of smack bang in the middle, like a mid life, middle age type thing. Hoorah.
I see that whatever my complaint might be, I can guarantee HORMONES will be mentioned.
Forgetfulness, MENOPAUSE.
Irritability. MENOPAUSE.
Shut up.
Bloody menopause, I haven't had my perimenopause yet, let me catch up.
I never was one for half a job. let me do it in it's correct and proper order thankyou.
I need to research before I agree to any of it.
Middle aged. Good heavens.
I still have acne, I am a veritable spring chicken.
47 sounds so boring doesn't it? 47. *sigh* can't wait.
Being middle aged has it's pluses, if you look really hard and exaggerate them, should one fall in you lap.
You can say pretty much what you like and no-one cares, because no-one listens to you anyway.
It doesn't matter really what you look like because even if you are drop dead will be described as 'looking great! (For your age')
Being overweight isn't such a terrible thing because grand children love a squishy gramma, they are the best kind.
47 isn't quite old enough to abandon all hope of getting it together before it's too late. Not quite old enough for polyester slacks and sholley. I still can't quite throw caution to the wind and pop to Asda in my comfy clothes.
I do feel though, that from now on I shall mind if my birthday passes unnoticed.
I want a fuss, of sorts.
Listen family mine, my birthday is first in a terrifying clump of birthdays, forget mine and you might find yours is low key too, there's a warning for you.
Poor Dan, his is last.
We start with mine on Friday 24th, then we have Eli, 26th, Jordan 29th, August comes along and we have H, 9th, Isaac 10th, Seth 22nd and Dan 25th, by the time Dan's birthday is here we are all completely birthday'd out. Which is OK because he hates his birthday, from the littlest boy, when asked he would say " I don't want anything, I want to stay in and be bored" I love that boy.
Where am I going with all this? Oh, yes....I've been sick, poorly, ill. Really.WEIRD ill.
On Sunday, I fell asleep, on the sofa, watching a film with the boys, when I fell asleep I was fine, when I woke up I felt more ill than I can ever remember. My throat was on fire and it hurt right the way down my chest, my chest was so sore, stabbing and it was hard to catch my breath, I didn't get a fever at all, not even a little bit.
My head was painful, my ears hurt, I couldn't walk in a straight line, if I bent over to try and pick anything up off the floor ( which is something I do 7465 times a day) I fell over that. I had that awful thing where if I moved my brain didn't catch up for a few seconds and then it smashed into my skull at a billion miles an hour.
Every part of me hurt. I slept all of monday, woke up at 7am, went back to sleep at 8, woke up at 11, back to sleep at noon.....was awake for 4 hours in the evening and slept most of last night.
Today I have been tired and sore but much better. My head feels too heavy for my neck and the breathing was hard, I just couldn't seem to get the breath into my lungs, until 6 o'clock when like some magical flick of a switch it was better, can breathe in and out as I please, without thinking about it. Amazing how you can take that for granted until it doesn't happen to order.
If I had had even a remotely increased temperature I would have thought it was swine flu.
Whatever it was I am SO glad it's on the way out and 47 doesn't seem nearly as bleak a prospect as it did last week.
The alternative doesn't look like fun at all.
P.S. I bought a plane ticket this week. To Boston. For me.

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Blogger Ms. Sarah said...

awe good for you Helen. I will be in boston on saturday I think for a baseball game. My mom is making me go to the red sox game...wish she would take my husband!

12:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

47 has been the worst year ever for me. I hope yours is better. Maybe it's to help me look forward to being 50. Ha ha.

10:16 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

I am a year and a half behind you Helen. Not looking forward to catching up either. ;)

I'm glad you get to go to Boston and see your friends again. The photos are always so fun to see. :)

9:59 pm  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

You've got 8 years on me, Helen, but somedays I swear I'm right with you! lol

I'm glad you are feeling better...strange sickness indeed!

But I am MOST excited that you will be where I am. SOOOOO excited. Like a young school girl. Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!

12:39 pm  

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