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Sunday, September 27, 2009

5, 4...anyday now.

5 days.

In 5 days Sophie and I will be jetting our way to Boston again, I can't believe it is 10 months since I was last there, it's like a home from home ( but with someone making my bed for me and never having to cook dinner, no kids and lots of fun shopping, nothing at all like home then!)

I feel differently about this trip, I am nervous about the flight but I do know that as soon as I am at the airport I will be fine, splendid Diazepam to help me on my way, aid sleep through the first half of the flight, dinner and a movie and I will be almost there. It's great to know what to expect when I get there, lovely hotel, Cathy's house, Target ( Oh how I love Target!)

There is a small meet-up on the weekend, just a few people, I was dreading that part of it because I just can't seem to do crowds and new people, the fact that it is a small gathering is great, we'll be fine.

I am looking forward to craft shops, outlets, restaurants, malls....heaven indeed. A whole week this time, usually a long weekend, this time we threw caution to the wind and booked a whole week. I think that's long enough for me to miss the children and certainly enough for them to miss me.
H always gets a little excited when I am going away, he looks forward to doing things his way and having sole charge of things like the remote control for the telly. Oh poor TV is in for a whole week of the History channel and Star Trek, I'm sorry telly.

Usually, when I am away, by day 3, H is noticing that good heavens above, she must actually DO something when she is here because this isn't looking good at all, he is also tired, very tired.

I offered to cook meals and freeze them but he declined my offer and said he is fine, he likes to cook, it will be fine. I know it will be fine, he is perfectly capable and thankfully the boys are in school for 5 of the days I am away.

I don't do any last minute scrubbing or tidying or anything at all, having learned that when I do that. when I leave my house all shiny and sparkly and I come home to chaos and mess and piles of stuff everywhere, I get very cross, really very cross and I feel as though my lovely time away has been spoiled. So, when I leave and it is higgeldy piggeldy, when toys are out and the front room is lived in...and I come home and it looks the same, all is well, Oh look, I am HOME. Hoorah.

Great plan, works every time.

When I think about how close this trip is, my stomach lurches and I feel terrified, then I am excited and remember just how lovely it is and I tell myself off for STILL being this afraid and do lots of talking to myself about how fine it all was last time and the time before that and actually EVERY time. I remind myself how every time I am so gloriously and splendidly surprised I am at how quickly those 7 hours pass by. "Self! It will be fine" I say and " Oh, OK then" I reply and somehow I get through another day....actually there is a pretty great consequence to being this worried and by wanting time to SLOW DOWN because I CHANGED MY MIND!!!! And that would be that time FLIES by, when you are so excited and can't WAIT, time goes so slowly, oh it drags and every day seems like a week, when you are scared to death and really REALLY wish you had bought new carpet or had a dental appointment you can't get out of or perhaps a hysterectomy, you know something like THAT other than this trip, this whatonearthwasIthinking trip. Well, then, Sod's law means that the time FLIES and you are not sitting around waiting. It gallops towards you in a terrifying way, like some laughing circus clown.
See, look, I said 5 days and now it's 4 because I scared myself into just shutting up and had to just turn the computer off.
I have been buying treats along the way, chocolate mostly, yesterday Sophie and I weighed the bag that we have been putting the treats in. 48lbs. FORTY EIGHT pounds of chocolate! Whoops.
Neither of us can think of what else to take, the plan is to buy clothes over there so we will pack some underwear and maybe 2 days worth of clothes, toothbrush.....blah blah blah.
I might not blog to much now until I get home, pretty sure every day before will be more of the same, scared, excited, scared excited...... and I won't be taking my laptop with me, so this is it unless something fabulous and noteworthy happens.
See you when I get home! ( unless you live in Boston, in which case, see you in 4 days! )



Blogger Ms. Sarah said...

Have a safe wonderful trip

11:44 am  
Blogger Sara said...


12:39 pm  
Blogger Colleen said...


3:20 pm  
Blogger BubsyG said...

We are thrilled! THRILLED! And yes indeed, you will be fine! xo

5:08 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

You might not have to make your bed but you have to cook us a dinner one night!

Sqqquuueeeee....I will be at the airport at 3pm to make sure I don't miss your flight when it arrives at 5pm!!

Love you and can NOT wait to wrap my arms around your neck and protect my purse so you don't steal it!!

1:39 am  

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