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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And then there was Isaac...

Whose parent teacher appointment was much more like old times! You know, things like " Isaac is going to work on finishing a task because sometimes, he appears to not be terribly bothered" and "He has come on in leaps and bounds but we need to get up to year 2 work ( still in year one level) When I think of all the extra challenges he has had to face like just being able to LOOK at people, talk outloud, walk into the classroom, the fact that he is as far advanced as he is seems miraculous to me, he reads beautifully ( but has trouble comprehending what he reads) his writing is 100% better than it was and he answers the register, he reads outloud, he is incredible. If he doesn't stop this damned NO! business pretty sharpish I might got stark staring bloody mad though, he decided he didnt want to go in the car after school, ran away, yelled, screamed etc etc, for about 30 seconds I ran after him and yelled back and then I said
"H!!! Forget it, he doesn't want to come, he wants to walk, let's go!" H got the idea right away and said " Oh. OK, he knows the way, that's good."
We got in the car and before I could turn the key he was in, saying " I'm not putting my seat belt on though" Little shit.
Seth and Isaac have been invited to Hannah and Lewis's house tomorrow, I saw the dark cloud pass over Isaac's face, so quick as a flash I said " AND...while Seth and Eli are there we are going to ask Matthew is he would like to come with mum and Isaac, " Phew.....Isaac likes that idea, Matthews mummy likes that idea and we are sure Matthew will like that idea, he was asleep by the time I got around to calling Matthew's mum to ask her.
I remembered one of the strange things that make me happy things from yesterday's post idea.
H is, as discussed many times before a bit eccentric, one of his quirls is that he simply cannot eat if there isn't something good on the TV, he can eat if there is no TV, but for a snack or supper in front of the TV he has to like what is on, he will sit for 15 minutes waiting for something to start before he will eat a he discovered that Quincy is on at lunchtime on some antwhacky channel somewhere. Marvellous, just right for a lunchtime repast I am told, yesterday I came in and was about to walk into the front room when I heard " WOW!" from H....good heavesn I though, that was an enthusiastic and heartfelt statement from my hitherto unemotional husband, what can he be so animated about?
"What? " I asked as I walked into the room " I heard a WOW....tell me about it..quick!"
He looked puzzled and then told me how Quincy M.D ( he of the grey jackets and unrealistically beautiful girlfriends, I don't care if he DOES have a boat, he is not, by any stretch of the imagination, good looking, or sexy he talks with the weirdest lisp thing and he cuts up dead people for a living, how so the beautiful girls with the flicked up hair?) Anyway, Quincy solved a really tough case, he is so smart that my husband, who scarcely bat an eye when his children were born, exclaimed out loud!
Every time he has opened his mouth since I have teased him and asked him if Quincy did it again.
He dropped something and "GAH!"
"What? Did Quincy miss a vital clue?"
It's those quirks of his that I find so endearing.
We gave away the beloved recliner today , try as we might it just wouldn't fit anywhere and was taking up precious room in the dining room , so freecycle found it a new home within a couple hours, I usually give stuff to the first person that emails but this chair was so precious I wanted it to go to someone that would love it too, the lady that picked it up was thrilled and is trying to rebuild a home after a breakup so we felt happy to see it go to a home that will appreciate it. We also love having that extra space now too.
Slowly but surely we're getting straight, well hooray for that.



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