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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I had this great idea for a post.

But I forgot it, naturally.I think it had something to do with what makes me happy and bizarre things I like, but I really have forgotten the rest.
The house is beginning to look better, my goodness how long is this taking? Usually I am like a ..what? What am I like? I am like a thing possessed, never still until house looks just right, perfect, all tidy and everything in it's rightful place.
This time, not so. It has taken me all this time ( 15 days) to really get into a swing.
Today, H put some rails in my uutility room, I say 'my' utility room because it is MINE. I love laundry, I love doing it, it makes me happy, but only when I have it just right.
It was all very right in the Barn, a whole 2 rooms with washer and drier, ironing board, hanging rails, wardrobes, baskets, I loved being out there and putting it all where it belonged.
The last house was laundry hell for me, stupid washing machine in the middle of the kitchen, no electrical outlet near, so a long lead to a plug and that was the other end of the kitchen. We melted 2 extension leads in that house. Yikes!
Baskets and baskets of laundry, dirty stuff, clean stuff, stuff that needed ironing, I was a grumpy soul, I hated having such laundry chaos.
Here I am almost as happy as at the barn, in fact I might BE as happy. Not as much room but so organised and tidy and easy, wash, dry, hang. Everything in one place. Happy me.


See? Actually you may not be able to see because it's not a great picture. I keep walking out there to see all my unironed clothes hanging ready to be ironed ( and then I will hang them right back in there, forget having different closets all over the place, H does have his own closet but I like my clothes right there, choose something every day and be done with it.
I am writing about LAUNDRY...look several paragraphs and it makes me happy, does this tell a tale? Who cares, I love it, the smell and that lovely feeling as I look at lines of clean clothes.

The sun has been shining for 2 days, beautiful clean air and sunshine, what could be better for the soul than that? I walked into town and without a coat, coming home I got almost too hot as we live on a doozy of a hill, I marched up that hill with a song in my heart ( though not on mylips because they were busy puffing and trying to gasp in some air)

I saw Seth and Elijahs' teachers today for a parent teacher consult. Such a treat for me, after the years of Dan, Jordan and Sophie's teacher consults ( "Lovely boy, one day he may even do some work, do you think that might happen ? Do you?" "yes, Mrs H, Jordan is a good boy, never still though, we sit him in the middle of the classroom and away from everything because he can't sit still and it would seem it is impossible for him to not touch, he spends a lot of his day upside down under tables and doing headstands but we can't catch him out, when I lose my patience with him and ask JORDAN H...WHAT DID I JUST SAY? He can always tell me, amazing and also... annoying"
"Ahhhh Mrs H, Sophie, yes, hmmmmmm, er......well, she did write something last week, would you like to see? How is her medication? Oh I see, well, well not really, she's a little full on for the other children and a bit rough"
That kind of thing. Not fun but mildly amusing to my warped sense of humour.
So Seth's teacher today. The upshot is, at 7, he is reading at the level expected of an 11 year old and his spelling is at the level of a 10.4 year old ( how precise!)
He is consistantly improving and is equally great at Maths. He writes great stories which amazes me as he has never shown an imagination really, such a lover of facts, stories seem a bit of nonsense to him. His teacher says he definitely shows autistic tendancies but doesn't think they interfere with his schooling apart from making him a bit smarter than most. He did say that he is incredibly literal and has trouble differentiating between fact and fiction.
Elijah, sweet Eli, he is doing great, plays with boys and girls but is particularly close to Hannah as they are so similar. When he came out of school today he was crying big fat tears, heartbroken tears because "well betozz Hannah isn't even my best friend anymore, I don't have a best friend anymore, she looked at me wiv a very cross face."
Isaac's consult is tomorrow, I wonder what we will hear. He is being a rotter still. I think I may have made my point this evening, after another stream of NO's I did it right back.
HE wanted to finish some painting and needed a paintbrush, every time he asked I just quietly said "no, I don't want to"
He was gobsmacked and kept asking and every time I just said "no, sorry I don't want to, just as you didn't want to get dressed this morning, or walk to school, or ask nicely for the brush I don't want to help you, so no"
He went and found his own brush and then I heard him say " Daddy, please could I have a glass of water to do my painting?"
We'll see what happens in the morning because I am more than weary of this continual fighting.
So, pretty good week so far, we like that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the empty laundry hampers after a day of laundry. I like that the most I think. Too bad it only lasts a nano-second. I wish I had a room where the ironing board could be up all the time.

10:39 am  
Blogger Tammy and Parker said...

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful comment you left on Parker's blog.

And....uh...I have PILES of your favorite thing to do over here if you are interested. hee-hee

Tammy and Parker

7:30 pm  

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