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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

But when she was bad....

She got kicked out of tattoo face man's house.
Dear Lord, it is relentless, who knows why but he called and told her to pick up her stuff and get out ( except 'get out!' began with an F and also ended with an F) she hasn't been there, something has made her uncomfortable and so she has been sleeping anywhere else but there, he has taken umbridge at that and so she is out.
I am ashamed to admit that my bowels turn to water and I fiind myself saying rather too loudly " Well, now what? because you know you can't come here"
She never seems upset at that and says "Yeah I know" within minutes she said " sorted" and is going to live with Naomi and her mum, because Naomi's mum loves her. Trying to get her to understand that Naomi's mum won't love her for long if she eats them out of house and home, makes an almight mess, doesn't come home when she should, does come home when she is drunk at 3am with a gaggle of n'er do wells, refuses to look for a job and sleeps til 2pm........I suspect Naomi's mum will join the rapidly growing ranks of the 'been there done that's' in Sophie's life.
I am all done with form filling and phone calls, we are registered and legal, official and home, really home.
I have put up curtains, put away stuff, cleaned floors and even have a tin of paint in the toilet, when everyone is asleep I find myself in the loo painting a bit of trim.
When I said this house was perfect, I meant it. The essence of it is is divine, comforting and homely. The decor leaves much to be desired. The lavatory in particular was hideous. Olive green and whit trim, grey and white chequered effect sticky back plastic as a splash back,old lady silky effect stripey green and beige curtains. Very very horrible. So I am just tittivating it up and removing all traces of olive green ( oh the whole inside of the door is olive green with white plastic door handle of elderly persons type)
H has put the feet back on the sofas and chair, we moved ( at last) the large recycling bin of wires, adaptors, DVD players and video players, floors are clean and clear, stinky old stripey curtains are gone, beautiful floor length posh ones are up.
We have lampshades and energy saving bulbs where old fashioned burn your eyeball naked lights used to hang. It's beginning to feel like this may be real and we can stay. ( silent pleading in my heart and mind)
H is cooking dinner this evening, Eli is at gramma's because it is wednesday and this morning he said "Hey! Wezzday, less duss doe a dramma's today O-Tay?"
"well, not really because you have school now on wednesdays, you can't go to gramma's."
"Oh, O-Tay I tan duss doe der when I det outta stool nen, phone her and tell her I will be der after stool, she tan buy me a pasty and I eat it der for my dinner. O-tay, dat's great."So that was that and he is there, it being wednesday and all.
I walked to town and pottered, met Sophie and Jane for lunch ( which Jane didn't eat because when she says she is going to do something about her weight, she means more than whine about it while stuffing her face with cheese and bacon laden potato skins, so Jane had a sparkling water and enormous sense of pride, I had the potato skins thankyouverymuch. Jane! Help me! )
H and I are thawing a bit, losing that frozen state of stunned and fearful gratitude that we felt on moving in here, slowly beginning to feel a sense of purpose, we even had some weak sunshine today, no biting wind and NO RAIN, truly a marvellous day. ( Except for Sophie and her threatened homelessness, which seems to be averted for another week or two)

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Blogger Rachel said...

You're descriptions are great, but we want pictures!!!

5:51 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Aw, Eli is so sweet wanting to go see his Grandma. I love that. :)

I am so happy to hear things are going so well in the new house. Sad to hear about Sophie. Keeping her in my thoughts Helen. You too.

1:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, I have never commented you, but have been around BZ since around 2003. I have kept up with you, because you have such a way with words. Being the mother of a teenage boy who is acting out, you always make me smile and give me hope that everything will be okay and that we all need to find some humor just to make it through. Thank you for that dose of humor. I am experiencing "tough love" for the first time, and it is a feeling like no other. I feel your pain and joy as you discuss your daily life with your children. My children are oldest son 16, daughter 14, and then my other son who is 4. I just felt like it was time to let you know that your words most definitely have an impact on my thoughts and sanity. I just wish I could express myself as well as you. Have a blessed day. :)


8:22 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Your new home sounds beautiful (with olive green out of the way..). Can't wait for pictures.

Keeping Sophie in my thoughts and you as well.

9:26 pm  

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