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Sunday, March 16, 2008

And no, I did not take pictures.

It has been a long weekend. A very, very long weekend, filled with rain and little boys who say things like " but I really need to JUMP. Can I please jump, high as I can? "
We have abandoned the rules about time on the laptop, we have allowed games and endless TV, anything just ANYTHING to keep them amused because the rain...oh the rain, the wind and more rain.
Sidenote...the wind, has not only been the weather type wind, these boys, dear heaven...must be the limitless snacks because how can such small people smell so horribly, horribly bad?
Anyway, at last, dinner time.....they chose Simpsons pasta shapes, fun, that'll keep them happy for at least 12 minutes and then it'll be only 3 hours until bedtime, this is GREAT!
Cooked and served, on the table with the jar of parmesan cheese, because pasta and grandpa cheese ( so called because grandpa sends it, it comes on a plane and is unavailable here) well food for the gods.
Ahhh, peace, 2 adults in the quiet front room with 3 little boys eating their favourite food.
"Mum! Eli is playing with the grandpa cheese"
( oh for pete's sake leave me alone for 3 minutes, shall ignore tattle tales and enjoy peace)
"MUM! You should SEE IT!"
Huff. Hrumph. mutter.
There was not a surface uncovered by parmesan cheese. every picture, shelf, book, window sill, every chair, ornament covered, he must have filled his sweaty little fists with handfuls of it and FLUNG it asunder.
I picked up pictures, cleaned them, wiped the shelf, put back the picture and MORE CHEESE it was inside the picture frames.
I sent them up to their rooms because, well I was more than cross, so cross I couldn't even lose my temper and that's when I know I have to be careful.
I told them that when they were undressed, sitting in their beds I would listen to who did what. I knew that someone had warned us what the gitlet was doing and I knew I had to be fair but right then I really just wanted to throw their cheese covered bodies out of the window ( which is ground level and leads to the basketball hoop, so sending them to bed hurt much more as it happens.
I cleaned as well as I could but suspect we will be finding parmesan cheese in cervices for many a long day.
I made Seth vacuum and he did a remarkably good job, me thinks that can be his job for a while.
I spoke to Isaac and it was him that warned us of the wrong doings of his youngest brother. I spoke to the sinner himself and he said that there was just too much grandpa cheese in his bowl and he had to 'frow it out a bit' he was very unhappy upstairs on his own for a while, not sure that he is terribly sorry though.
" Elijah, why did you do that with the grandpa cheese?"
" Um, toz there was duss too much in my bowl"
"but why did you throw it all over the room like that...all over the room, everywhere?"
"Um, duss toz I had to det it out of my bowl, duss way too much in there"
They are in bed, I am rejoicing and waching a lovely film on TV about Jesus. I think that almost makes up for being trapped inside for 48 hours with these grotballs.

Oh, I had a lovely moment of seeing that H is, after all human. This is a great thing. Sometimes it is so hard to live with someone who appears to have it all so under control.
We have been squirreling away some easter things, I do baskets for Sophie ( and this year, Mel) H does the boys. I bought some boxes of Celebrations, delicious. One for Soph, one for Mel. Yesterday I bought a few more little bits and when I went to put them with the rest of the chocolate *GASP* what in the world?? BOTH boxes open, one totally empty the other one half empty. Who could DO this? Not H, he hates damn chocolate, tis for weak people and of no nutritional value. Isaac and Eli wouldn't be able to reach, Seth maybe could but he would much rather have crisps or flapjacks ( ha! I wanted a flapjack yesterday and asked Seth to go and get me a cat flap! Am quite mad.) Must have been Sophie when she was here colouring her hair.....shall be a detective and trace the wrappers. Hmmm some in our bin, some in the bathroom, yes must be Sophie.
When H came home from town I said " H, I know this is a ridiculous question, am almost embarrassed to put it to you but you didn't eat any of those chocolates from on top of the wardrobe did you?"
"Hmmm, well you see, perhaps...errr, can you believe this weather?"
The boys were jubilant
"DAD! you ate the CHOCOLATE ..what chocolate, where is there chocolate? Can we have some chocolate?"
How splendid, he is human and likes damn chocolate and I like him, the world is a beautiful place, covered in parmesan cheese and no chocolate.



Blogger Julie Q said...

Too funny H eating the chocolate!

I just can't laugh at the cheese thing. I feel your pain there! Little stinker. ;)

11:57 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

I agree with Julie. Funny about H eating the chocolate! But, the grandpa cheese, well, I have been there! That stuff makes quite the mess.

3:15 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am amused over the chocolate...

9:41 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

HA, - nobody can resist chocolate!! Not even H.
So sorry about the cheese room. That's the kind of mess that keeps on giving, because you keep finding little bits of it everywhere. I think I'd ban cheese for a while after that. Pity that he wasted your precious stash - can we send cheese by post? Does that need to be refrigerated, or only after it's been opened? Shall have to investigate that one.

12:42 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

ha that would have been my h. i have to do the baskets yet. Sorry about the cheese. my boys call it feet cheese. dont know why. That is something they would totally do....

8:02 pm  

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