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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am thankful for my ears...ETA new video with my voice in it!

In our class at church, the 3 year olds and I are learning all about the things we have to be grateful for. There is nothing like spending one hour a week talking to 3 year olds about important things.

Have you ever answered that ridiculous question...would you rather lose your sight or your hearing? For goodness sake what kind of question is that anyway? So I always used to say hearing, I used to think I could cope more without my ears than my eyes. The older I get the more I know that isn't so.

I have great hearing, ultra sharp, I can sometimes hear what my kids are doing when they are in another town. I remember once, when I was married to the first one, he was away on exercise and I was at home, with a baby Dan, I was cleaning and out of the blue I had a clear as day picture of the first one, taking a cigarette from the driver of a truck and lighting up. I heard him say that it was good to smoke after so long. Wow.

When he got home a few days later, he was telling me almost all about his trip and I asked him " so, how was that cigarette?" His face was a picture and of course he asked 'what cigarette?' " Well, the one you asked the driver for, you know, in the truck as you were driving on the way up there"

Priceless, he was spooked for weeks over that one but it still didn't stop him from cheating and it certainly didn't stop him from lying when I asked him about his cheating. Anyway, I digress.

My hearing is keen and every day, wherever I go I gain such pleasure from the things I hear. We all love the birdsong and the babbling of a brook, I enjoythose things too but by far my favourite pastime is to listen to people.

Today I was wandering through Trago Mills, a big warehouse kind of place that makes me sweat and talk to myself a lot but the prices are great and when you gotta go, you gotta go. I was passing through the clothes section and heard two old ladies and one of them said " Oooh lovely, all the youngsters wear those these days don't they?"

I love old ladies and I am perfectly fine that I am going to be one, very sooner than I planned.

As I heard that lady say that I laughed to myself because I think that, 'the youngsters' I hold it in, I know it won't be long before those words escape my mouth and I suspect that it will be something regarding music. Like my Nana. How we used to laugh at her and argue when she would click her teeth and tell us that row doesn't even have a story! She would ask what it was about and tell us how in her day music had a story and you listened to it but you youngsters.....

Sophie tries to change channels in my acr, every time she gets in and I feel so cross and smack her hand away. That channel is the best, Palm 105.5. There see? Never in my whole life have I known the actual numbers on the dial. They play MY kind of music and the boys love it too.

On saturday Eli and I went out in the car together and as we were driving home they played a song that has oft raised the roof in our home. I have played it to wake Sophie up ( which guaranteed her awakening because she says it is THE most annoying song in the world) If the boys are ever down in the dumps, we just sing this song and it'll make them hoot with laughter.

They played it because the singers are due in town, there is going to be a week of terribly English things in a nearby town and these people will be there, along with Morris dancers and cream teas. So the song came on and Eli's face lit up, we turned that volume right up and we sang so loud...and the bit in the chorus where they shout " Ow's your father? Alright?" that's the very best bit. That's how people talk down here, heavenly. I never tire of listening to this accent, I never feel weary with the slow and plodding pace of life, the way you can expect to stand in line for a long time in many shops because people know each other and they care and pretty much, at least once a day you will be sure to hear " How's your father? Alright?"

I am so grateful for my ears because if I never got to hear that little boy singing like that, life would be so much poorer.
I love to hear peoples' voices. I love to hear the things people say. Accents give me joy.
Something else I am grateful for this week is that it would seem something is working, my skin is so much better. I have cut out white bread and have started buying a delicious bread made with oats and seeds, it is SO good, I bought some vitamins that work on the immune system, so I am taking that too. I have been sleeping and not beating myself up about it, when I can't stay awake, I go to bed, who cares what time it is? It is working, I still have welts but not everywhere, smaller patches that don't burn through to my soul anymore.

And because I am so kind....a video ( As requested, by little nothings!!) of me, talking, about Snot because I am such a lady.I wanted to catch Setg's delicious old lady giggle, you know that you can guarantee a laugh from a 7 year old if you say snot, right?



Blogger Rachel said...

Well, Helen, once again I'm thankful for YOU!

Quite often when I'm down in the dumps, I look at your blog. I know, I know, it's cheesy, but it's true. I've had a crapfest of a day (including a wrench in June plans) and I needed to be reminded to be thankful. I love the sound of my kids' laughter, of their voices, and can you believe it? Will actually said "Mama" today and I knew he was talking about ME!


2:56 am  
Blogger Little Nothings said...

Since you have such keen hearing it must be true that you heard me last night as I was thinking to myself about accents. Funny you brought it up. I too love accents and was thinking about yours as I sat out on my front porch. Odd, I know, but swear I'm not a stalker freak.

I was thinking... a couple of weeks ago you did an open post that allowed us to ask you questions and you said you would try your hardest to answer. I had a request, so silly, that I just couldn't bring myself to ask... but now I will, seeing as you brought it up and all.

I would love to hear you speak. Would you do that for me... for us? I remember one time you posted a video of one of the boys wiggling his ears and I think we caught a little bit of you talking in the beginning but how about you give us more? You don't have to even put the camera on you, you could just focus it on a pretty picture on the wall or those lovely curtains in your room and read us a story or something. Indeed I think that would be grand!

And I am pleased to read that your skin seems to be on the mend!

3:04 am  
Blogger sarah said...

helen so glad your feeling some relife. I hope it continues.

3:15 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

So true, hearing would be a sad thing to lose. I love to hear my children laugh. Even the older ones. :)

Oh and music, I would miss music soooo much!

It was nice to hear your voice. :)

1:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did get to hear your voice, not once but twice, and each time I had the urge to act like a lady and use words like "splendid"!
Can't wait to see your mouth move while your accent escapes from your mouth! How many weeks till Boston?

7:32 pm  
Blogger Little Nothings said...

LOVE IT! Thank you. Just as I imagined, people just don't sound that grand and proper (even when talking about snot) around these parts!

2:04 am  

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