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Sunday, March 23, 2008

WEll, who DOES bring the Easter goodies?

So, the boys woke up to their easter baskets, SUCH excitement, rifling though Isaac held up a little toy and said "25p??? Look! 25p, somebody bought this didn't they? Didn't they? I think the Easter bunny did NOT bring us this stuff, somebody BOUGHT it didn't they? Yes, somebody bought it, I think, probably, it was God." Said Isaac.

I like Easter, I love what it means, what it's reason for being is, the hopefullness of it all, the new beginnings. I just like Easter.
H and I did the baskets last night, he started the tradition, before H it was all just chocolate, he began the baskets when the boys were very little and naturally, my interfering and controlling nature wanted in on and it and the need to tell/ show him how I would do it became all too much for me, I had to be in on it and so now, I do the girls ( Sophie, Mel and Leah)


and he does the boys.


Then we have a whole day of complete madness as chocolate and sugar overtakes all things sensible. Eating as much as at Christmas and bedtime is always so welcome.
It was an alright kind of day......Thankyou God. For everything, not just the baskets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just looking at all that chocolate, I have just put on 10 lbs!

Happy Easter


10:47 pm  

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