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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On hearth and home.

2 full days of sunshine, I can't tell you what a difference it makes to me to have windows open, warmth and brightness. I preen and breathe deeply and look for things to do. I sleep better after being in the sunshine, I have more patience with the boys. I enjoy cleaning and making good. I find myself looking around and thinking of all the things I want to do in this house.
I have to admit that this house is beating me a bit, or it has beaten me until now. There is so much to do to make it so that I can feel proud of it. I feel at home here, I feel safe here and the spirit of this house is great.
The paintwork sucks! Who paints the trim and doorways grey? Who does that? What kind of person would paint the sitting room trim a salmon colour? And so much of it and so HIGH UP!
Throw in the salmon carpets with black spots and turquoise patterns and my naturally tasteful soul feel a little insulted. In my former, wintery state of mind, All I could think was " Ewwwww" and hide under the bed covers. As spring arrives I find myself getting ready to attack the grey trim with a crisp white satin paint. I would love wooden blinds instead of the curtains my sister gave me. I have almost done the toilet that was olive green and had grey and white checkered plastic backing behind the sink. I have to wait for the landlord to do something with the mould at the back of the toilet. We all know about Landlords, don't we? This landlord demanded £20 from us last week, said he had a bill from when we cleaned the carpets, £20.01 for 2 days.....we just had a bill for £112 for nearly 12 weeks.....I am without fight for now, just hand over money and try not to think about it, whilst waiting and waiting for work to be done.
I am so keen to work on the window boxes along the wall, I long to see them filled with colour and smelling of fresh air and pretty things. I imagine a summers evening while I water them and smile with complete pleasure at how glorious they look. For now we are planning our trip to London next week and then my Boston trip, paying the bills and trying to get comfy and caught up, flowers and paint must wait just a while longer. Not too much longer though.
I love home shows, do it yourself shows, design shows, fix it uppers and Extreme makeover, oh the tears as I watch that and imagine how those families feel, although the ever practical me always wonders about the enormous utilities and taxes and such like....I would love someone to turn up and do me a house that was splendid but affordable after they left!
My ideal home would have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, front room, huge kitchen with a huge side by side fridge freezer and a walk in utility room big enough for all our clothes to be kept in it after they have been washed, no closets needed upstairs.
1/ 2 an acre of land, big enough for playing and flowers, trampoline and basketballs. Big gates to keep little people in and big people out.
I know that this house that we are in, has the potential to be glorious, I'm just not sure where to start and that has never happened before, I usually just look and know and do it. I do think that once back from London and when the weather is better for a good long while, I will begin to begin...and then there will be no stopping me! I look forward to that enormously.
Thank goodness for sunshine and the positivity it brings with it, how wonderful to see that I can really revel in the fact that we are here to stay and we can work on making it a home we really love. I think the past moving and being uprooted hit me harder than even I knew, it's taking a lot longer to let go of that fear and really enjoy what we have now.
Our lovely rest next week, the fun and relaxation we will have will enable us to come back and get on with it all. For now I am so enjoying the change in the weather and all that it brings with it. Enough for now I think.



Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

We put the privacy cling on our front windows last night. We've been here since 2003. Sometimes it just takes awhile to get things done :)


12:16 pm  
Blogger TN said...

Helen, you almost give me the inducement to do something around my place. I do like for things to look pretty. My flower boxes are still empty and my porches need scrubbing. I agree the sunshine has a lot to do with it! Enjoy your trip to London next week. You deserve the R&R!

1:15 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Sunshine makes things so much better! and im sure after a relaxing trip to London you will be ready to tackle some projects!

6:57 pm  

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