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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random waffling.

Not sure what I will write today, I have all sorts of bitty nonsense popping in and out of my head so shall we just run with that?
Things like....Daniel can swim! So can Jordan and I think Sophie but I have no idea how they learned! Actually, in a vain attempt to somehow get Sophie on some sort of planet close to earth, I did enroll her in various classes, horse riding and swimming and what not...I took er swimming ( she was 4 I think) and I sat and watched her being thrown into a really deep pool and having to swim underwater through hoops and collect things from the bottom of the pool etc, she gave it her all and I sat for maybe 3 or 4 lessons thinking " Wow, this is radical, look at what they ask these brand new swimming tadpoles to do! Looks kind of scary but she's holding her own, underwater more than I like, but she's smiling when she bobs up and gasps in some air, must be OK." Eventually, ( was slow in those days too) when she looked more waterlogged than normal and didn't seem to be so happy one week, I asked what the reasoning was behind this bizarre throwing her in and hoping for the best...seems that somehow they had signed her up as a competent swimmer and put her in a very advanced class! Bless her little bathing suit! So we stopped that. That's maybe why she can swim though, the boys? Who knew! Marvellous!
Dan did a swimathon today for cancer research, he did call to say he did it and how far he swam and how much he raised and I would definitely tell you but I was so busy thinking " Wow, Dan can swim!" that I missed the details, I am such a great mother, aren't I?
I sometimes get exhausted when I read the regime that some mothers are on due to their children's social lives and the clubs. the lessons the craziness. I have been known to feel guilt for about 20 seconds every 3 years or so ...then I look at my big kids who didn't get classes and lessons and were thrown to the wind to grasp it on the way past and well can you believe it? They are pretty darned well rounded, they can do so many things and enjoy so many different things, they are the most social and well rounded people ( Oh I know, I write about every one of Sophie's problems but meet her, I dare you! Talk to her for 30 minutes...or listen to her because given 30 minutes with her won't actually give you any time to get a word in, she is delightfully entertaining, will shame me in the first 47 seconds but you'll love having been with her, I promise, she will make you laugh and give you something to talk about for weeks. )
I admit that very often, when faced with people telling me what a joy these adult children are and hearing tales of how helpful and funny etc they are I bask in the glory for a moment until I realise that actually, it's a fluke as much as a result of anything I may have done.
I will take every credit for the boys being well adjusted, that was no accident and I will say that I am sure had things been different they would be sad and troubled adults, they aren't, that was me and the Lord ( The Lord and me) pat my back, I'll take it.
The rest though has a lot to do with genes, their dad is a funny man, mostly kind, predominantly stupid, I am loving and loyal and consistent, they have fabulous grandparents and a solid family, they had a good chance of being pretty good people all in all.
Elijah has become a stranger to me this past week. He has made me see that the Lord knows us and loves us and sends us only what we can deal with. A hyperactive child is not one of those things. Good grief, what IS all that jumping about? What's he doing it for? He has painted things that shouldn't be painted ( himself mostly, black) he has torn, broken, climbed, emptied, spilled , tripped you name it he has done it, which is really normal for him anyway but all the while, he has been jumping. Stop the bloody jumping for the sake of all that's bouncy.
In the bath, JUMP! SPLASH! Watching T.V. JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! Eating dinner JUMP! ( me... SIT DOWN ..what DO you think you are doing? My goodness I don't think we have bad manners int his house ELIJAH SIT DOWN! trying to get him dressed JUMP ( hit chin.....that hurts, very much) It is quite the most annoying thing, will he grow out of it? Did my other children do this and I somehow forgot? Selective memory? He's been like one of those dogs that were only ever invented so people would have something to hate and scorn, bouncy yippy little dogs that have no purpose but to leap and make a noise that incites rage. And yes, Elijah has been making the noises too, much yapping and growling and ...hey, I wonder if he is starting to think he may be a dog when he grows up because his desire to be a girl has been met with such disinterest lately ( from everyone but Seth, who sighs and takes the time most afternoons to explain that Eli is a boy and will always be a boy and is there anything we can do to stop this ridiculous wearing of pink and asking for things like pink and silver cheerleader's batons things?) Perhaps he will be a dog instead. He has said that he will not be a boy when he grows up, when he grows up he is definitely changing his mind on that one.
My legs hurt tonight, miserably, I shall have a little rest on the sofa and watch 'grumpy old men' that'll help for sure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world!
My typical day with Matthew consists of: don't jump, sit down, don't climb, don't stand on your head, don't chase that cats, don't pick your nose, don't pick my nose, don't rock on the recliner while standing on your head, don't sit inside the fireplace,didn't I say not to do all of the above at lease 8786756454 times?
They are such a joy!

11:18 pm  
Blogger noname said...

Can't help but chuckle when it comes to Elijah. He sounds like exactly what I expect a kid to be, but then that's how mine were so maybe my view is skewed a bit.

11:51 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Oh the boundless energy? Where ever does it come from? Sebastian thinks he is a dog most of the times, as well. As I have posted before, he goes so far as to eat the dog's food. *sigh*

3:17 pm  

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