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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Real life.( and a whine, sort of )

I needed to get some real life in, while the sun shone, also to get the noise that accompanies these pictures OUTSIDE where it could be carried away on the wind, instead of into my ears where it increases and turns into a huge whistling explosion of insanity....funny how when we are outside it is joyful and fun. This is Sophie undrugged and sober, without even nicotine...not even an abundance of sugar. She is still incredibly LOUD and bouncy and a bit gorgeous ( in small doses please)

They love her playing with them but if only she could maybe just once, hear that key noise that indicates they have had ENOUGH...please stop. Yes, that is my littlest precious under Sophie's big bottom!
Look at how he feels totally safe up there being spun around like a blob of candy floss in the drum.
They are asleep now. All is well.

*Came back to add this bit, I'm sure you'll be thrilled.*
I've been a bit out of sorts the past 2 days or so, a hiatus in my happy clappy moment.
I'm not entirely sure why, I think the fact that without boring details my money has been messed about and although, after phone calls and can you put that in writing and we'll take 2 weeks to think about it and maybe even then not do anythings, it will be sorted, right now I am not in my usual calm and all knowing where every penny is and can tell you where it went and where it is going and *breathe* is all ok place.
No, I am in a WHAT?? WHERE?? HOW MUCH AND WHY??? place which annoys me and school holidays are not the time to discover that everything has been changed and will take endless calling and asking and tutting and sighing. 3 little boys, no school, very cold weather and a normally attentive husband who takes little boys and entertains them and walks them to parks and great things like that, have him clean carpets for 20 year old son who moved house and then, having driven him and the Kirby ( ever felt the weight of those monsters?) and the big box with shampoo bits and bobs and the gallon of shampoo to the now empty home and play with boys.
3 Hours later. look up to see husband ( who suffers from the most unbelievable pain in his neck every single night, often needing injections into the base of his head to help pain) passing the window.....with the kirby upside down and leaning over his shoulder, having walked carrying Kirby of enormous weight, plus box and now not full gallon of shampoo. We live a way from Jordan's old flat and at the top of the meanest and most unforgiving hill you ever saw.
So, he has been in crippling pain, ever since, all week. Pale and terribly brave and only just, about 10 minutes ago saying " Hmm, think carrying that Kirby may have hurt my neck" rather than saying so days ago.
I have been brewing, filling with indignation that suddenly, a usually overly attentive father has become sullen and not willing to take noisy boys OUT and AWAY and wear them out. Mutter and grumble and must do it all and must cook and shop ( except no money because 'oh sorry, yes, will sort that out but will take days or even weeks') and now even PLAY??
Words, that's all it takes, an opening of the mouth and allowing what is in the head to fall out, thus enabling loving and remarkably understanding wife to feel sympathy and compassion.
So I have been somewhat unwillingly myself to talk or make merry, sense of humour has been lacking and impatience at an all time high.
I lost it this evening, at last it was time for the weekly session of NBA on the TV, my cue to take a lovely hot bath and relax, spend some time applying lovely lotion that is slowly giving my fat old legs a summer glow.....ahhhhhh....oh bugger....remembered suddenly that in 15 minutes we will be having the monthly visit from church members to make sure we are well and happy and enveloped in feelings of harmony and love.
In theory this is a great idea, in practise it annoys the bejeebers out of me because it is smack bang at bath time for me, bed time for boys, breathing a sigh of relief and being able to stare into space and thank the powers that be that it is all over for another day ( not, you understand that we don't adore our children and indeed our very lives)
I can do the "Hello, how are you? fine Good, spiritual thought to uplift you, goodbye" I LOVE that...the hour long slightly awkward sessions of me filling in the silence with probably inappropriate stories, whilst trying not to think about what I'm missing on telly or getting very grumpy about the fact that if they stay much longer I will still have wet hair at midnight, not so much. ( If I were/was catholic, now might be a good time to do the rosary I think, would it?) If there were/was a storm right now I would be hiding under a rubber mat . Also if I had cake in this house, I would so be eating it.( do have much chocolate under my bed ready to be packed for lovely people in Boston but H is up there already and I actually want cake, not chocolate) I like my religion best.
So, I did much slamming about and griping, throwing bloody lego ( it is NOT lego, it's DUPLO, thankyou Elijah,) into the tub for the 3876 time this week. Well that behaviour insults H and his superior spirit ( and I'm not being facetious, it is superior because he exercises it and keeps himself away from the baser things in life, like me. I like base things, they make me laugh) and before you know it, I have dragged him down to my level and we are both in vile tempers.
Because visitors are expected we send the boys to bed early....a mere 20 minutes, no big deal unless you are Isaac and routine is very very important.
He made H and I look like amateurs. HE screamed so loudly at the injustice of it being NOT EIGHT O'CLOCK IS IT???? I want to come OUT I can't stay in here if it isn't EIGHT O'CLOCK CAN I??? and not BEING READY.....NOT READY! IS IT 8 O'CLOCK IS IT??? NO!!!! Until it was 8 o'clock when he suddenly just lay down and went to sleep....well I missed the visit anyway, problem solved. I sat outside Isaac's room with a book in my hand and said many. many time " no, you cannot come out, you have been very rude, you cannot speak to me or daddy this way and so whether it is 8 o'clock or not, you are staying in your room" What I said in my head can't be written on my blog because the computer will melt.
I thought H might ignore me all evening because he does that sometimes when he is cross, which makes me REALLY cross and here we go again. He didn't and I didn't and all is well I think.
I think I have written all the letters and made all the phone calls and I sincerely hope that by saturday the money issues will be all tidy and in order again, which will make me happy and calm, but will be too late for the 2 weeks off school, oh well...that means that the money we didn't spend these last 2 weeks will be there to spend in London, until I remember the Electricity bill ( which hey, £111.59 for 12 weeks...that's GREAT! We are not going to do prepay because we see that both gas and electricity is considerably more expensive that way) and the car needs taxing at the end of the month too ( hooray for little car with no room and tiny engine, costs much less that big old gas guzzling monster)
So, it's all good really, just don't come to visit me in the evenings and expect me to be sweetness and light. Unless you bring cake.

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Blogger LosingSanity said...

The pictures look like the kids had a great time!

Sorry you had to have such a hectic evening! Visitors at bath/bedtime are not fun. IS there any way you can ask that they come a wee bit later? Like, after kids are all tucked into bed....=)


2:38 am  
Anonymous Aparelho de DVD said...

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7:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you are feeling about the money thing. Remember a couple of weeks ago and our tax thing? All straightened out, but I let it ruin my weekend. Why can't we just turn off our brains when we need to? Have an interesting story about the step-child. Look me up later and we'll talk.

9:43 am  
Blogger Becca said...

I am like you with the home teachers. Love them on Sundays, love when they call and want to see us, grateful that they would take time out of their day/evening to come and see lil ole us but can't stand them a few minutes before they come. I am always like a raving lunatic trying to get the house tidied and boys into a subdued, "don't make a show of me" state.

It is great to see Sophie looking so good. I hope that she can continue on and have the strength to stay clean.

As usual your boys are lovely

3:20 pm  

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